For adults with busy lives and hectic schedules, taking online course can help you finish your degree quickly and affordably. However, it’s also important to have access to personal support and resources. That’s where our local campus teams make all the difference.

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Flexible Course Options

At Granite State College, you’ll find a variety of flexible course delivery options:

Course instruction occurs completely online with no face-to-face requirement. As a student at Granite State College, most of your coursework will take place online.
There are select courses scheduled at our local campus each term. These courses meet weekly for face-to-face instruction between students and instructors.
Hybrid classes meet on campus during pre-determined weeks during the term. Remaining instruction occurs online.
Blended courses combine face-to-face and online instruction. You’ll meet every week on campus and the remaining instruction occurs online.
Course instruction occurs primarily on-ground. Classes do not meet on campus every week. Instead, they meet for longer durations over a short period of time (e.g. weekend-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). A pre-assignment is normally required. The remainder of course activity is online.
Course instruction occurs as a mixture or student and instructor interaction via meetings in the field and in an online environment. Scheduled face-to-face meeting times are mutually determined by instructor and student. Students are expected to be in field-based settings for a determined number of hours per week.

Online Programs by State

If you live outside New Hampshire, please review our Online Programs by State to see if our online degrees are approved in your state.

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