As an access-focused public, nonprofit college, our undergraduate and graduate tuition rates are among the lowest in New England for residents and non-residents.

Still, we recognize that affordability is about more than low tuition and fees.

It’s about providing value in unique and important ways. One measure of our success is that you graduate with lower than average indebtedness, receive expert financial aid guidance throughout your degree program, and practice effective money management skills.

Added Value

  • Work Full-Time While Pursuing Your Degree

    The flexibility of online, hybrid, and field-based coursework means students can make progress towards their degree while working full-time.

  • Ways You Can Save

    Your prior and current learning counts. 84% of our students can demonstrate college-level knowledge and competencies before they have taken their first course at Granite State! We are experts at helping students demonstrate learning and earning academic credit.

  • Student Loan Management Support

    Borrowing responsibly is critical. The kind of loans you have matter, too. We provide financial aid counseling to help students be good consumers; seeking options with protections like income-based repayment plans. Our Financial Aid Team works closely with Admissions and Advising to ensure students get as much value as possible from their investment of effort, time and money in higher education as they progress towards a degree. Also, we partner with GradReady® to provide you with web-based tools and counseling support to help you borrow wisely, manage your money, and successfully repay your loans.

  • Tuition Waivers & Discounts

    Waiver and discount programs can defray all or part of the cost of tuition for specific groups or individuals.