Summer Courses: Options for All!

Student studying outdoors.

May 17, 2021

During our Summer Term, Granite State College supports not only its current students, but also individuals with other education goals.

Attend another college and home on summer break?

Consider taking a local or online course to help you get ahead with your studies. We offer 6-week and 10-week courses, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing summer while also getting ahead with your studies. Our helpful team of advisors are available to help you determine which courses can transfer seamlessly into your institution.


Facing a Difficult Requirement at Your School?
Take it over the summer and devote your full attention to the subject without the distractions of other courses and campus life.

Want to Fast Track Your General Education Requirements?
Sometimes, it’s difficult to stay motivated for courses outside of your major. Take them at Granite State College, so you can focus your fall semester on courses in your major.

Affordable Tuition
Granite State is the most affordable four-year public college in New Hampshire!


Undergraduate Tuition
$314 per credit in-state
$1,256 per four credit course

Academic Services Fee – $45 per term
Applied to courseloads of 4 credits or more.

Registration Fee – $ 40 per term

Transcript Fee – $3 (electronic) and $6 (paper)
Upon completion of your course, you’ll need to send an official transcript to your College to activate the transfer of credit.

Select a Course

Below is our Course Schedule, which you can use to find courses that meet your goals. Select the download icon (top left) to save yourself a copy.

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Select classes from our Course Schedule. Then, submit a registration request form to get started!

  • May 4: Registration opens
  • June 23: Registration and payment due date
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