Non-traditional Students: How Different Types of Students Thrive Online


Online, non-traditional student at Granite State College.

Imagining yourself as a student in an online classroom isn’t always easy to do—especially if you’re new to the learning environment and don’t know what to expect. But just because it’s hard to imagine, doesn’t mean you won’t find success there! The online classroom hosts students from diverse backgrounds with a variety of goals, and each offers different qualities to … Read MoreRead More

U.S. News & World Report Ranks Granite State College for Best Online Programs

January 15, 2019 A mother of grown children developing a new pathway for her career. A member of the New Hampshire National Guard who coaches youth hockey part-time. A local police chief who puts community first. A young professional working in education. These hardworking citizens of New Hampshire are earning their degrees online from Granite State College. Adding to the … Read More

Online Nursing Degrees for Working Nurses


Online nursing programs at Granite State College.

For nurses already in the workforce, pursuing further education online has become a great way to advance their careers affordably and with the flexible scheduling they need. While there are many different types of online degrees, there are three options in particular for working nurses:Read More

How to Pay for an Advanced Nursing Degree


Health Care management jobs: Granite State College.

Pursuing an advanced degree as a working nurse is a great way to not only improve your career prospects, but also to boost your earning potential. According to, nurses with an associate degree earn approximately $70,000 per year—but those who go on to receive a BSN or MSN degree can expect to earn on average $85,000 and $95,000 per … Read MoreRead More

What is a Liberal Arts Degree and Will it Lead to a Career?


Libreral Arts degrees online at Granite State College.

A liberal arts degree can be a great stepping stone for future professional success—providing you with useful skills and, believe it or not, a marketable pedigree. But what is a liberal arts education exactly, and why do some people think it won’t pay off? Below, we’ll walk you through what a liberal arts program entails, why there are so many … Read MoreRead More

Using Online Courses to Fast Track Career Goals


Preparation and Opportunity Meet for Mackenzie In high school, Mackenzie ’19 had the grades and determination to get into her top-choice four-year college. She looked forward to having a dorm room, campus life, and engaging classes that would prepare her for a career as a special education teacher. But like many students, the high price of tuition at a traditional … Read MoreRead More

Business Degree: Top 7 Reasons to Major in Business


Pursuing a business degree is a popular choice among college students. In fact, it’s the most popular type of degree in the U.S., with 19 percent of graduating students earning business degrees in 2017. But with so many people pursuing these degrees, you might start to wonder whether business is still the right choice for you. Has the degree lost … Read MoreRead More

Healthcare Degrees: 5 Career Paths for Pursuing Your Future


Health care degrees at Granite State College.

Health care is the fastest growing occupational group in the U.S. with a projected growth rate of 18 percent between 2016 and 2026. The reason? Because there’s a real, rising need in this sector for specially trained individuals as baby boomers, America’s largest generation, age and face more medical issues.Read More

Granite State College Helps Firefighters Maximize their Education Goals


This spring, Granite State College will offer firefighters from across the region the opportunity to earn a degree through a new, innovative bachelor’s degree completion program. Through courses offered online and on-site at the Headquarters Fire Station in Manchester, New Hampshire, students will earn a B.S. in Applied Studies – Management in as little as two years, while completing courses alongside … Read More