Online Course Spotlight: Mobile App Development


Girl with phone and technology

With more than 200 billion Android apps and 30 billion iOS apps downloaded each year, Granite State College’s new Mobile Application Development course offers an opportunity for students of any discipline to be immersed in one of the hottest sectors of the Information Technology (IT) industry. Whether you’re ready to advance your IT career or you’re interested in learning something … Read MoreRead More

Online Master’s Degree Prepares Brenda for Promotion


brenda earns online master's degree

When Brenda Montagna began the online Master’s in Project Management program at Granite State College in 2011, she, like many of her classmates, was focused on advancing her career. Brenda, who worked in the Information Technology department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, was eager to develop the skills needed to step into a leadership role. I was looking for a curriculum … Read MoreRead More

At 75, Barbara Finishes Her Bachelor’s Degree Online


Barbara graduation photo

Not long after her retirement, 75-year-old Barbara Bixby started to get restless. As she entered her golden years, Barbara’s vivacity and passion for life remained, but she no longer had an outlet for that energy. During a visit, her daughter and son-in-law suggested that she find a good hobby. I had already taken up knitting, which I found calming, but … Read MoreRead More

Madison Makes the Most of Online College


Granite State College Alum, Madison

In many ways, Madison Vasquez is exceptional. While earning her online B.S. in Human Services, the 22-year-old Granite State College graduate balanced her schoolwork, career, and the demands of her everyday life with remarkable maturity. Throughout her experience at Granite State College, Madison was determined to take full advantage of online learning. She didn’t hesitate to interact with her classmates … Read MoreRead More

Top 5 Advantages of Online Nursing Programs


Nursing is a challenging but rewarding career, and now more than ever, there’s pressure on nurses to continue their education beyond just an RN or associate’s degree to unlock greater career potential. But is pursuing an advanced degree while working as a full-time nurse feasible? And is it worth it? Absolutely! There are a lot of great benefits to continuing … Read MoreRead More

Sara Pursues Her RN to BSN Degree


Sara Ballard, RN to BSN student

A Calling to a Nursing Career When you commit to the nursing profession, you’re choosing a strong and reliable career pathway. The health care field continues to grow and earning potential for qualified nurses is on the rise. The practical reasons to pursue a nursing career are evident, but many nurses will tell you that their career was much deeper … Read MoreRead More

The Benefits of Taking 6-Week Courses Online


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If you’re looking to finish your degree quickly, our online 6-week courses offer a unique opportunity to accelerate your academic progress! Half the length of our regular courses, the condensed 6-week format makes it possible to focus on one course at a time while qualifying as a full-time student over the 12-week term. You’ll benefit by graduating sooner and putting … Read MoreRead More

Advantages of Earning Your Nursing Degree Online While Working in the Field


computer and stethoscope

If you’re a working nurse hoping to earn an advanced degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), you may be considering completing your nursing degree online while working in the field. Flexible, online nursing programs are designed to meet the needs of working nurses while preparing them to thrive in … Read MoreRead More