NH Retail Association Launches Partnership with Granite State College

Granite State College signs partnership agreement with NH Retail Association.

Helping NH’s Employers Grow through Professional Development

Granite State College and the New Hampshire Retail Association are proud to introduce a new partnership, which will create professional development opportunities for members of the Association.

As one of New Hampshire’s largest industries, the retail sector and its unique professional development needs are often overlooked by traditional training providers. By partnering with Granite State College, the NH Retail Association will gain customized workshops for their membership at an affordable rate from New Hampshire’s #1 College for Adult Learners.

“Approximately 95 percent of our members are small retail operators,” says Nancy Kyle, NH Retail Association CEO. “The Professional Development workshops offered by Granite State College will help give our members an affordable and effective way to nurture their top employees from entry-level positions to senior management.”

“We’re taking a personalized approach to the professional development workshops for the NH Retail Association,” said Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Granite State. “We’ve surveyed its membership so we can custom fit these sessions to exactly what they need to strengthen their workforce.”

As the University System of New Hampshire  institution that specializes in higher education for working adult students, Granite State College has always prioritized aligning its degree programs with the state’s workforce development priorities. With over 90% of its student population currently employed in full- or part-time jobs, the typical Granite State College student already contributes to New Hampshire workforce and is pursuing higher education for career development or change. Today, Granite State College is working directly with the state’s employers and organizations like the NH Retail Association to diversify and grow the range of learning opportunities and solutions that can help strengthen businesses’ and organizations’ incumbent workforce.

To learn more about Professional Development at Granite State College and sign up for updates, visit granite.edu/PDlaunch.