Lorcan LaFleur Scholarship Awarded for 2020

June 8, 2020

The Lorcan LaFleur Scholarship was awarded to two deserving students whom exemplify what it means to be “strong as granite.” Students Alex Bandouveres and Sammy Tazziz were the chosen recipients for Spring Term.

Alex Bandouveres A.S. ’18 is pursuing a B.S. in Accounting and Finance. Alex has always had a talent and fascination with numbers and is currently working in an account’s role for Madison Resources in Portsmouth, NH. On returning to school, Alex shared “I went back to brass tacks: what was it I loved? It was numbers, I loved learning math in High School from Algebra, to Trigonometry, to Geometry and even Calculus and Statistics. So, I figured, why not a job more in the Accounting field? So, I joined with Madison using my newly received Associates Degree as proof of my education in a college level. Once I started, day one, I fell in love. Most people have zero interest in numbers…Numbers is what made sense my whole life.” While a student earning his A.S., Alex became a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honors Society. Alex shared, “My goal in the education field was to be successful with almost any course that came my way, and I felt in my mind and Granite States mind, I was deserving of the High Honors and numerous achievements I received for all my hard work in my initial years at Granite State College.” Alex and his wife are expecting there first child together.  They, along with their border collie named Shiloh, could not be more excited! With this, Alex shared his life has come full circle, “I married the woman whom I have always loved, and finally, I found the career I have always subconsciously wanted, but couldn’t quite find.”

Sammy Tazziz is pursuing a B.S. in Accounting and Finance.  Before arriving at Granite State College, Sammy had a hard time finding the right academic fit for him.  On finding the right fit and pursuing his degree, Sammy shared, “It’s for me to recognize myself and the abilities I have and can use to achieve what I want. What motivated me to get back into school was mostly my father. He always would explain the importance of an education.” When Sammy found Granite State College, he felt connected immediate. According to Sammy, “I truly believe Granite State College, is that right fit. The instructors, the ability to do online, or in classroom settings it all just works with me. For some reason this school is where I began to finally have confidence in the work that I put forth in pursuit of my bachelor’s in accounting and finance. Which I’m proud to say that I have above a 3.0 since I began my studies here.”

The Lorcan LaFleur Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible Granite State College students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree for an accounting major. We look forward to awarding the Lorcan LaFleur Scholarship to future recipients.  This scholarship was made possible through the generosity of Granite Grad, Lorcan LaFleur, B.S. Accounting ’17.