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Any educator can tell you that an excellent teacher is also an excellent learner. In today’s rapidly evolving educational climate, teachers must constantly hone their craft, cultivating skills and incorporating new knowledge that empowers them to reach their students even more effectively. That’s why our School of Education delivers Professional Development on-location for school districts, community-based organizations, and early childhood education centers in addition to programming on campus.

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Custom Opportunities

We have expertise in a range of Professional Development and Continuing Education. Below you’ll find a selection of topics that we can customize for your SAU or school.

Understanding the Many Hats of the Paraprofessional: Supports for Those Who Support Our Students

This course is designed for learners who are currently employed as paraprofessionals, or who seek to be employed as paraprofessionals, in the public school (preschool through secondary) setting. The course will equip paraprofessionals with effective communication and team-building skills, problem solving techniques, and behavior management strategies. Learners will be provided with detailed information about the special education process, human development, and the instructional process so that they can effectively meet student, teacher, and district needs. This course is designed to improve the performance of paraprofessionals in New Hampshire public schools.

Learning is Fun: Practical, Engaging, and Effective Ways to Use Technology in Schools

Do you know a student who struggles to learn in the traditional teaching environment? Does that same student suddenly transform into an amazingly engaged student once he or she gets his/her hands on technology? Have you ever wondered how to make effective use of iPad rewards or computer time? Take this crash course in effective technology integration. We will discuss practical and purposeful learning apps and technology tools to meet a variety of needs. From fluency practice, to math remediation, to active brain breaks, you will walk away from this session with technology tips and tricks to try tomorrow!

Motivating your Students: Changing their Mindset to Boost Achievement!

Dr. Carol Dweck found that students’ mindset (how they perceive their own abilities) was a predictor of success. She found that students who believed their intelligence could be developed (a growth mindset) outperformed those who believed their intelligence was fixed (a fixed mindset). How do we develop a growth mindset in ourselves and our students? We will learn more about the power of believing you can improve and discuss practical and appropriate ways to promote higher student achievement in the classroom and beyond.

Understanding Student Anxiety: An Educator’s Guide

This workshop will provide information about the various forms of anxiety often observed in schools and help you recognize signs and symptoms of anxiety in student behavior. As well, the workshop will offer recommendations for practical, effective strategies to address and minimize the impact of student anxiety in classroom settings.

The Pyramid to Success: Using Mentor Texts to Support Students in Becoming their Personal Best

Books are a great way to help students develop awareness of positive character traits. This session will focus primarily on legendary coach John Wooden’s children’s book Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success. The book provides students with a “pyramid to success” – positive character traits to emulate (such as determination, cooperation, etc) on their path to becoming their personal best. We will also discuss other texts that serve as great models for positive character building and behavior management.

Behavior FUNdamentals

A child’s behavior is not the problem to be fixed, nor is the child. Behavior is a symptom of an unsolved problem and a form of communication. Get ready to examine the principles that govern behaviors and strategies of positive guidance from prevention to crisis intervention. The ultimate goal of any system of discipline is to solve the problems when possible, not to coerce through quick fixes.

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