Grow as a Leader in the Health Care Management Field

Health care management is a rewarding career path for those who are passionate about health care, but have interests and talents outside of nursing or other clinical roles. The increasingly complex health care landscape in the U.S. fuels the need for strong managers and those who can offer expertise in the business side of health care, along with an understanding of the industry’s dynamics, will be positioned for a dynamic career.

Individuals seeking professional development or specialized knowledge in health care management can benefit from advancing their education. A graduate certificate in Health Care Management is an effective way to achieve professional advancement in the field and gain highly sought after skills. In our program, you’ll develop specialized knowledge in health care management while earning your credential.

Course Highlights

In this 12-credit graduate certificate program, choose four courses from the following.

Choose Three Courses
  • Health Care Delivery and Innovations (3 credits)
  • Health Care Financial Management (3 credits)
  • Advocacy and Health Policy (3 credits)
  • Health Care Quality and Safety (3 credits)
  • Health Care Technology and Informatics (3 credits)

See catalog for full details.

Why Granite State College?

In our 12-credit graduate certificate program, students are empowered to focus their studies on the areas that best align with their career goals, creating a high-quality and highly personalized educational experience. Available 100% online, you’ll learn from well-respected faculty with rich health care experience that spans the clinical, financial, operational, and technology sides of the sector. Our program is designed to help you grow as a successful leader in today’s health care management field and develop specialized knowledge.