Human Services and Public Safety are hybrid industries that arose from the close relationship between government, business, and the community. As a student, you’ll see how laws and regulations affect society and how those laws are either problematic or beneficial, and sometimes a combination of both. Potential careers can exist on a state or local level, in federal agencies, and at nonprofit organizations like health care and social service agencies.

Potential Careers Include:

Fire Chief
Social and Community Service Manager
Police Officer
Government Planner

Industry Trends

Although job prospects vary by state and region, overall prospects are expected to be favorable. Professional and service occupations within Human Services and Public Safety feature the most job opportunities. In Criminal Justice, strong growth is expected for jobs related to community-based rehabilitation programs because of pressure to reduce the high cost of keeping people in prison or correctional facilities. In Public Service Management, the nation’s aging baby-boomer population, coupled with an emphasis on preventative care, is driving this growth. Pressure for organizations to effectively and affordably deliver those services, such as adult day care, meal delivery, or addiction treatment, is spurring faster than average increases in employment. Job prospects at nonprofit and community organizations will also be favorable, especially among groups and agencies that focus on the elderly and special needs populations.

Increase in Social and Community Service Managers employment

New Jobs being created, 2014 to 2024

Increase in Criminal Justice Employment

Students & Alumni

2016 Graduate, Mary Rybacki
B.S. in Criminal Justice

The instructors in the Criminal Justice program helped push me to be more successful. They helped me become a better writer and challenged me to think critically. Because of this I became a more successful student.

Mary Rybacki|Class of 2016
2015 Graduate, James Pineo
M.S. in Leadership

The Leadership degree has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and person. It’s helped me prepare for advancement as a Fire Chief supporting my community.

Jim Pineo|Class of 2015