Our health care degrees focus on management, health care administration, nursing, compliance issues, finance and economics. You’ll learn the challenges of managing the budgets of large organizations, how to deal with personnel, and how to interpret and comply with the maze of laws that impact health care providers and organizations.

Potential Careers Include:

Home Health Aides
Medical and Health Service Managers

Industry Trends

Those with degrees in health care and nursing will experience strong employment growth across nearly all occupations. This surge is driven by a demand for medical services in community, outpatient, and provider office settings, especially as medical technologies improve. Our aging population, an increase in the number of individuals who have access to health care, an emphasis on reducing health care costs while improving health outcomes, and the focus on electronic health care records (EHR) and data, means this sector of our economy has a secure future.

Health care executives and administration teams will be at the forefront of directing updates to new regulations and technology, while a workforce of community and wellness educators, mental health workers, and nurses fluent in health care concepts will serve as liaisons between patients and their care providers.

Increase in Nursing employment

of employers express a strong preference for BSN graduates

Increase in Health Service Manager Employment

Students & Alumni

2014 Graduate, Loretta Holmes
B.S. in Nursing

I appreciate the flexibility of the nursing program at Granite State. I love that I can be a mom, full-time nurse, and still take classes.

Loretta Holmes|Class of 2014
2016 Graduate, Elizabeth Morrill
B.S. in Health Care Management

My hopes and dreams were put to good use right after graduation: I landed a new job as a practice manager for a local primary care health care facility. I am very excited for this new opportunity and it would not have been possible without my new degree!

Beth Morrill|Class of 2016