Our Communications and Media degrees help you analyze the ways that information is created and distributed, as well as how it’s perceived. You’ll learn about the role that media plays in our culture, examine the images and messages that touch our everyday life, and investigate how and why the general public forms their reactions to these messages. You can also explore tactical marketing techniques like website development, social media strategy, and effective copywriting.

Potential Careers Include:

Marketing Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Advertising Sales Agent
Public Relations Specialist

Industry Trends

As the economy grows and organizations generate new sales, they’ll need ways to edit, translate, and disseminate information through a variety of platforms and will look to social media, digital strategies, and optimization as ways to increase competitiveness. This paired with the onset of a 24-hour news cycle are driving growth and the need for content. Workers with touchpoints across the customer lifecycle, from sales to public relations to marketing to analysis, will be in demand as the marketing industry becomes even more sophisticated, requiring technical literacy in addition to creativity, research, and communications skills inherent in this occupation.

Professionals fluent in communicating via digital and social media channels add significant value to a company’s bottom line, especially for market research analysts and public relations specialists who can use technology tools and insights into consumer behavior to influence future campaigns. As digital media is a two-way conversation, employment prospects are expected to increase for this type of specialist to help their companies and clients adapt to these new communications strategies.

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Projected Job Growth in Communications & Media

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Students & Alumni

Samantha Harrington
B.S. in Digital and Social Media

My degree in Digital and Social Media rounded out my working knowledge of design, websites, and blogs, and helped me understand how these techniques draw in consumers.

Sam Harrington|Class of 2015
Sandra Hickey
B.S. in Digital and Social Media

I was exposed to digital marketing while working as an administrative assistant and with this degree, I’m making a transition to this new field.

Sandra Hickey|Class of 2017