Bachelor’s Completion

With the B.S. in Public Service Management, you can further develop your leadership capacity and prepare for career advancement in professions such as law enforcement, firefighting, or municipal/public management. This program is designed for those who have already established a foundation or a career in these fields and will build upon what you’ve already learned on-the-job and through prior study.

Admissions Requirements
An associate degree in a related field is required for this degree. Professional licensure, certifications or training may serve as a foundation to this degree, upon approval by Academic Affairs.

Degree Program Details

An overview of what we offer, what you’ll learn, and how to get started.

Your Prior and Current Learning Counts

Many of our students can demonstrate college-level knowledge gained from military, workplace and volunteer-based training and experiences. We are expert at helping students demonstrate learning and earning academic credit.

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Career Outlook

Although job prospects vary by state and region, overall prospects are expected to be favorable. Those who can demonstrate their leadership abilities within their workplace can increase their chances of being considered for top positions, such as Chief of Police or Fire Chief.