Enhance your skillset as part of your degree program in a way that can set you ahead in your career. Consider a minor, designed to provide the option of an additional area of specialization that complements but does not overlap your Bachelor’s degree program. All minors consist of five courses that align with a specific topic or content area.

Choose from:

Adult Learning and Development

This minor provides knowledge to maximize adult learning in training, consulting, or instructional environments. You’ll develop an understanding of the unique qualities, motivations, and capabilities of the adult student.

Business Administration

The minor in business administration is provides additional in-depth exploration of marketing, management, accounting, information systems, legal, and ethical issues in business.

Digital Communication and Social Media

The minor in digital communications and social media examines the role of social media in the rapidly evolving world of digital communications. Students will gain an understanding of interactive artifacts through various platforms; and identify trends in communication technologies. This minor is designed to assist the student in application of digital communications to their professional field of study.


Develop entrepreneurship knowledge, skills, and abilities and apply it to a wide range of organizational settings, including startup business, new ventures, and social ventures including not-for-profit organizations. The minor in entrepreneurship is suitable for those who might want to have their own business or work in an entrepreneurial environment.

Family Studies

Explores evolving family structures in contemporary American society. With a foundation in family communication patterns, family life stages, systems theory and family functioning, prepare to support children and families in educational, social, and human service organizations.


Gain foundational skills for careers related to finance and prepare to be a member of a financial management team in small or mid-sized enterprises, or explore self-employment.

Global Business

Get broad exposure to the global areas of business and the interesting challenges and opportunities it presents. Topics explored in your studies will include culture, financial forces, international monetary, economics, socioeconomic forces, management, marketing internationally, political forces, and global innovation. Suitable for those who might want to launch their own business, conduct business in a global setting, or gain a better understanding of how global business differs from domestic business, this minor exposes a wide range of diverse opportunities in the global business sector.


Learn about the dynamic and complex health care industry. This minor provides a solid foundation for health care managers and staff, human resource professionals, and others whose work intersect this growing industry.

Human Development

This minor provides a closer look at the development of the individual from conception to death. Students will gain an overall perspective on human development and will also study a particular age range. This minor is helpful to those working in developmental and educational service organizations and provides a foundation for advanced studies in social work or human services.

Human Resources

The minor focuses on developing leadership and managerial skills for the varied and significant roles HR professionals perform as an agent of organizational change in the workplace.

Human Services

Learn about the organization and delivery of the field of human services and its career prospects. Focus areas include ethical practice, intervention approaches, and skill development and theory that you can apply in support roles in social service and health care agency settings.

Information Technology

With this minor, understand and learn to use information technology as a resource to improve an organization’s efficiency.


Develop a foundation in management theory and practice for careers in the public or private sector. Choose electives that complement your career interests and primary area of study.


Gain the essential skills to identify, evaluate, and meet the consumer needs using marketing research, analysis of consumer behavior, and customer relations on a local, national, and global level. Use this minor to complement your major areas of study and diversify your professional skills and knowledge.


Gain a foundational education in psychology.