This minor provides foundational accounting skills for careers requiring bookkeeping and knowledge of organizational processes in the field. Learn to help organizations manage budgets, utilize accounting information systems, and gain knowledge in taxation.

Addictions Studies

This minor introduces students to the issues associated with supporting people involved with addictive behaviors. Students will study the foundational principles of providing counseling services to individuals with addiction issues as well as the disease model and characteristic needs of this population.

This minor may not be declared with the following majors: BS Human Services: Addictions Studies or BS Psychology: Addictions Studies.

Adult Learning and Development

This minor provides knowledge to maximize adult learning in training, consulting, or instructional environments. You’ll develop an understanding of the unique qualities, motivations, and capabilities of the adult student.

Business Administration

The minor in business administration provides additional in-depth exploration of marketing, management, accounting, information systems, legal, and ethical issues in business.

Business and Strategic Communication

The minor in Business and Strategic Communication focuses specifically on communication that is external to businesses and organizations. Extensive consideration is given to an organization’s image: how to define it, promote it, enhance it, and manage it in times of crisis. However, because a solid external image is predicated upon sound internal structure and communication, the “business communication” component of this minor encompasses topics such as: managerial communication, presentations, and leadership.

Counseling Foundations

This minor focuses on issues and methods associated with providing counseling to individuals in distress. You will study the personal and situational factors that can cause individuals to seek counseling. You’ll also gain knowledge of the methods associated with communicating with individuals in distress to help them to solve problems.

Court Advocacy

This minor explores issues associated with supporting crime victims as they navigate the criminal justice system. Topics that you will study include: criminal behavior, the criminal justice system, and the issues of both child and adult victims of crime.

Criminal Justice

Explore the roles of law enforcement, corrections, and criminals within the U.S. criminal justice system. You’ll gain a foundational understanding of the theories and practices of individuals in each aspect of the criminal justice system.

This minor may not be declared by students pursuing the B.S. in Criminal Justice.


The minor in economics provides a foundation in microeconomics and macroeconomics from a variety of lenses. Courses assess the ways in which economics are affected by technology, social, environmental and institutional capital, globalization, and psychology.

This minor is valuable across many fields. Those who study economics may find career opportunities in business and government such as management consulting, business analysis, market research, and others.

Education Advocacy

Get introduced to the issues associated with supporting individuals who have specific instructional needs. In your courses, you’ll investigate laws, mechanisms of communication, and specific accommodations associated with education of individuals with needs.

Emergency Management

The world is becoming a crowded place with a dense population and increasingly frequent natural and human-made hazards. Thus, there is a high demand for risk reduction and educated, prepared public leadership. Students who complete a minor in emergency management gain insight and knowledge that will strengthen their marketable skills in various international, federal, state, and local governments, private sector businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The minor in emergency management enables students to develop knowledge and skills related to emergency management strategy and policy development. It is a comprehensive study of the disaster management cycle, including emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

This minor may not be declared with the following major: BS Psychology: Emergency Management.


Develop entrepreneurship knowledge, skills, and abilities and apply it to a wide range of organizational settings, including startup business, new ventures, and social ventures including not-for-profit organizations. The minor in entrepreneurship is suitable for those who might want to have their own business or work in an entrepreneurial environment.

Family Studies

Explores evolving family structures in contemporary American society. With a foundation in family communication patterns, family life stages, systems theory and family functioning, prepare to support children and families in educational, social, and human service organizations.


Gain foundational skills for careers related to finance and prepare to be a member of a financial management team in small or mid-sized enterprises, or explore self-employment.

Global Business

Get broad exposure to the global areas of business and the interesting challenges and opportunities it presents. Topics explored in your studies will include culture, financial forces, international monetary, economics, socioeconomic forces, management, marketing internationally, political forces, and global innovation. Suitable for those who might want to launch their own business, conduct business in a global setting, or gain a better understanding of how global business differs from domestic business. This minor exposes a wide range of diverse opportunities in the global business sector.

Health Care Management

Learn about the dynamic and complex health care industry. This minor provides a solid foundation for health care managers and staff, human resource professionals, and others whose work intersect this growing industry.

Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel

Students in the Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel minor will explore the theories, principles, and trends of successful hospitality operations in a constantly changing environment. Courses are designed to employ experiential and immersive teaching techniques to assist students in learning how to diagnose and address the diverse range of issues associated with the hospitality industry.

This minor focuses on helping students to learn how to develop practical leadership and managerial competencies as well as using systems thinking to discover the interrelated nature of the industry and the communities that support these vital economic, cultural, and lifestyle operations.

Human Resources

This minor develops skills for the varied and significant roles that the human resources professional fills in an organization. The minor focuses on developing leadership and managerial skills for the HR professional as an agent of organizational change in the workplace.

Human Services

Learn about the organization and delivery of the field of human services and its career prospects. Focus areas include ethical practice, intervention approaches, and skill development and theory that you can apply in support roles in social service and health care agency settings.

Information Technology

With this minor, understand and learn to use information technology as a resource to improve an organization’s efficiency.

Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

The minor in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication focuses specifically on communication that is internal to organizations. Students will survey theories of organizational communication, and explore key internal responsibilities and challenges that all organizations face, including: team dynamics, diversity, conflict, privacy, identifying and inspiring talent, and defining and achieving goals, among others. This minor is interdisciplinary in that the topics covered traverse many areas of study.


Leadership is the process of motivating people to achieve project goals. Leadership varies from management, and not all leaders are managers. Courses within this minor allow students to define leadership, explore the leadership qualities within one’s self and others, investigate the role of leadership in organizations, and assess leadership theories.

Within the minor, students will survey and discuss multiple methodologies used to evaluate teams. Students will analyze how organizational dynamics and structure impact the leader, limit or increase their power, and the ability to perform their job.


Develop a foundation in management theory and practice for careers in the public or private sector. Choose electives that complement your career interests and primary area of study.


Gain the essential skills to identify, evaluate, and meet the consumer needs using marketing research, analysis of consumer behavior, and customer relations on a local, national, and global level. Use this minor to complement your major areas of study and diversify your professional skills and knowledge.

Nonprofit Management

The minor in nonprofit management provides a comprehensive view of not-for-profit organizations. The topics discussed in the minor include revenue streams, development, and fundraising.

Organizational Psychology

This minor explores the crossover of psychology and business by studying the principles of individual, group, and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to the solution of problems at work. Principles include organizational culture, stress, and conflict in the workplace, and maintaining psychological health within the context of work and organizations.

This minor may not be declared with the following major: B.S. Psychology: Organizational Psychology.

Professional Sales

Sales is an essential, versatile skill that offers relevance across a range of fields. This minor provides foundational skills in professional sales, which can help you enhance communication and get better results in collaborative working environments. It can also prepare students for management opportunities in small, medium, and large enterprises, or self-employment.


Gain a foundational education in psychology.

Supply Chain Management

This minor explores how the fast and efficient flow of products in from suppliers and out to customers ensures growth in revenue that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Visual Communications and Social Media

Students will be challenged to think critically about the capacity for visual communication to transcend traditional modes, such as written and verbal communication, while carefully considering how to effectively align the mode of communication with message and audience. Particular emphasis is given to the intersection of visual communication with the fields of marketing and advertising.

The minor in Visual Communication and Social Media enables students to refine their skills in creating, analyzing, and deploying visual communication.

Wellness & Prevention

Explore the key factors that impact mental and physical well-being. You will learn ways to support and assess the health of individuals and groups in a variety of domains by gaining an understanding of behavior change, physiology, and optimal practices to prevent stressors, illness, and disease.

This minor may not be declared by students pursuing the following majors: B.S. Health & Wellness, B.S. Human Services with a concentration in Wellness and Prevention, or the B.S. Psychology with a concentration in Wellness and Prevention.