The Early Childhood certification will prepare individuals to teach children in public schools beginning at the nursery school level to Grade 3, and Early Childhood Special Education certification will prepare individuals to work with infants, toddlers, and children who are at risk of being identified as needing special education services or who are already identified as needing special education services.

This is a field-based program for qualified participants working or volunteering in approved New Hampshire programs or education settings. The key components of this program include mentorship of the teacher candidates with highly skilled professionals in the field, the hands-on experience of working with children in educational settings, and the opportunity to build your teaching capacity over time.

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How to Ensure Our Online Programs are Available to You

Students who reside outside New Hampshire and plan to enroll in Granite State College certification programs are responsible for verifying that the program meets requirements for licensure for educator certification in their state. Some states may have additional requirements and different certification areas.

Career Outlook

Because of critical shortages in Education, employment is thriving. There are many choices for specialization in this field and with a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification, you will find a variety of job prospects in the future. If you love working with children, this is a rewarding career.

Individuals who complete this dual certification program will be eligible for the New Hampshire Department of Education teacher certification in Early Childhood (N-3) and Early Childhood Special Education (Birth-Age 8). Additionally, completion of this degree qualifies individuals for the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Credential.