The B.S. in Criminal Justice will help you grow your career in law enforcement. You’ll develop a working knowledge of criminology, corrections, probation, parole, constitutional law, and advocacy.

Degree Program Details

An overview of what we offer, what you’ll learn, and how to get started.

Your Prior and Current Learning Counts

Many of our students can demonstrate college-level knowledge gained from military, workplace and volunteer-based training, and experiences. We are expert at helping students demonstrate learning and earning academic credit.

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Career Outlook

Job opportunities, in particular for correctional officers (COs), are expected to be ample. Corrections agencies have a hard time attracting and keeping qualified applicants because of the demands and nature of the positions.

Military experience will help give applicants a competitive edge in related fields that require a degree in criminal justice, including: policing and law enforcement, federal service agencies, loss prevention, and business security.