Announcing Our Winter and Spring 2018 Dean’s List

Granite State College congratulates students who earned recognition on the Dean’s List for the Winter and Spring 2018 academic term. This achievement is reached when degree seeking students meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a minimum of 12 credits toward the degree for the terms of consideration (summer/fall or winter/spring), with no grade below a C and no incomplete courses
  • Have a minimum combined grade point average of 3.75 for the terms under consideration, with no grade below a C during those terms

Congratulations to the following students:

Jonathon Adams of Rochester, NH
Sara Adams of Bennington, NH
Shawn-Christine Adjutant of Effingham, NH
Summer Aiken of Bedford, NH
Briana Albano of Deer Park, NY
Monica Almeida of Twin Mountain, NH
Amber Armstrong of Triadelphia, WV
Joshua Armstrong of Windham, NH
Kwasi Asamani of Concord, NH
Felicia Aubut of Berlin, NH
Christine Austin Campbell of Loudon, NH
Sean Avery of Deerfield, NH
Pearl Aznive of Loudon, NH
Sophia Baer of Moultonborough, NH
Michael Baker of Dunbarton, NH
Kevin Baltimore of Derry, NH
Alexander Bandouveres of Rollinsford, NH
Stephanie Bartlett of Laconia, NH
Kimberly Barton of Dover, NH
Spencer Batchelder of Claremont, NH
William Bates of Tamworth, NH
Brianna Bathalon of Littleton, NH
Alan Beaulieu of Manchester, NH
Shelly Becker of Windsor, VT
Alexander Beckwith of Contoocook, NH
Elissa Bellerose of Nottingham, NH
Gary Bent of Amesbury, MA
Sierra Bergeron of Hudson, NH
Christopher Berube of Minot AFB, ND
Tina Bills of Brookline, VT
Brady Binette of Gorham, NH
Tashina Blanchard of Middleton, NH
Moriah Boivin of Birmingham, AL
Brianna Boucher of Farmington, NH
Madelyn Boudreaux of Exeter, NH
Louise Brassard of Strafford , NH
Peter Braudis of Groton, MA
Ashley Brightman of Plaistow, NH
Allison Brooks of Goffstown, NH
Brendan Browne of Londonderry, NH
Rebecca Burke of Windham, ME
Daniel Buteau of Gorham, NH
Thomas Campbell of Pembroke, NH
Kathryn Canfield of Center Sandwich, NH
Kory Cantin of Lunenburg, VT
Keith Carbajal of Rye, NH
Dakota Carroll of Lisbon, NH
Owen Chalmers of Lee, NH
Jennie Chapman of Dover, NH
Timothy Chartrand of Rindge, NH
Michelle Chase-Gagnon of Somersworth, NH
Justin Chase of Chichester, NH
Nolan Chretien of Farmington, NH
Heather Clark of Salem, NH
Briana Cobbett of Fryeburg, ME
Nicole Colbath of Dover, NH
Kimberly Conley of Hampton, NH
Cole Connors of Lompoc, CA
Beth Corbett of Glen, NH
Patricia Countie of Londonderry, NH
Kaitlyn Covel of North Sutton, NH
Patricia Covolo of Portsmouth , NH
Janet Cox of Silver Lake, NH
Oscar Cruz of Manchester, NH
Kirstin Davis of White River Junction, VT
Matthew Davis of Manchester, NH
Casey Day of Bow, NH
Karla Day of Manchester, NH
Damien DeMalteris of Tavares, FL
Julia Defreitas of Nottingham, NH
Nicole Demers of Concord, NH
Amanda Denton of South Barre, VT
Crystal Dereli of Nashua, NH
Mark Desjardins of Nashua, NH
Sydney Desjardins of Rochester, NH
Jeffrey Devost of Merrimack, NH
Tracy DiMarco of Plaistow, NH
Daniele Dirsa-Sharpe of Raymond, NH
Meghan Donovan of Merrimack, NH
Marc Doyon of Keene, NH
Tammy Drew of Tamworth, NH
Chantel Ducharme of Dunbarton, NH
Christine Dugrenier of Goffstown, NH
Skyler Duguie of Raymond, NH
Brian Eibert of Dover, NH
Travis Emerson of Epsom, NH
Lynne Evans of Conway, NH
Nicholas Evans of Raymond, NH
Jennifer Faro of Rye, NH
Sarah Farrington of Madison, NH
Sara Farwell of Sanford, ME
Matthew Favreau of Dalton, NH
Kelley Ferland of Fort Riley, KS
Amanda Fernandez of Concord, NH
Tiffany Foreman of New Hampton, NH
Johnathan Fortier of Concord, NH
Michael Foss of Franklin, NH
Laurie Foster of Rochester, NH
Joseph Fraser of Somersworth, NH
Jillian Frizzell of Pittsfield, NH
Megan Frost of Pembroke, NH
Jessica Fucci of Hawley, PA
Emmanuel Gagne of Farmington, NH
Norman Gagnon of Amherst, NH
Alexandria Gallant of Farmington, NH
Katie Gauthier of Rochester, NH
Kristin Gelinas of Epsom, NH
Raquel Gelinas of Penacook, NH
Mandy Gendron of Merrimack, NH
Denise Giattina of Manchester, NH
Joshua Gierucki of Las Vegas, NV
Patricia Gilbert of Canaan, NH
Hedy Graybill of Pittsfield, NH
Alyssa Green of Merrimack, NH
Michael Griffin of Meredith, NH
Justin Grotton of Keene, NH
Brian Guilmette of Somersworth, NH
Lindsay Hamel of Alton, NH
Emily Harris of Goffstown, NH
Mary Hassick of Londonderry, NH
Joseph Hauser of APO, AE
Eric Hawes of Pelham, NH
Kayley Hays of Claremont, NH
Frederick Heath of Holderness, NH
Betty-Jo Heney of Madison, NH
Rachelle Henningsen of Seaside, CA
Anne Henry of Mont Vernon, NH
Mary Henry of Langdon, NH
Alexis Hite of Lancaster, NH
Bryan Hocker of Bowling Green, OH
Lindsay Holden of Canterbury, NH
Robert Hollifield of Dallas, GA
Charlotte Holt of Woodsville, NH
Tiffany Honeycutt of Ridgefield, WA
William Hoover of Newmarket, NH
Aura Huot of Manchester, NH
Cassie Hurlbert of Colebrook, NH
Erika Irish of Exeter, NH
Erika Jackson of Derry, NH
Sean Jackson of Berwick, ME
Monica Jagentenfl of Nashua, NH
Dawn James of North Conway, NH
Daniel Jancsy of Durham, NH
MacKenzie Jankowski of Sutton, NH
Tifonie Janvrin of Dover, NH
Dawn Jarema of Westerville, OH
David Jay of Anchorage, AK
Krystal Johnson of Sweden, ME
Lorena Johnson of Jefferson, NH
Virginia Jones of Weare, NH
Karen Joyce of Campton, NH
Hillary Kang of Exeter, NH
Brandon Karcher of Somersworth, NH
Sarah Kazakis of Webster, NH
Joseph Keating of Derry, NH
Kelsea Kehoe of Chester, NH
Janet Kennedy of White River Junction, VT
Autumn Keyes of Center Ossipee, NH
David Keyes of Center Ossipee, NH
Sandesh Khatiwada of Manchester, NH
Kristen Kilanski of Winchester, NH
Emily King of Lee, NH
Jennifer King of Concord, NH
Lauren King of Litchfield, NH
Kayla Komaridis of Auburn, NH
Andrew Koplin of Intervale, NH
Taryn La Frenierre of Seaford, VA
Benjamin LaCure of Hudson, MA
Keri LaRoche of Derry, NH
Michelle Labontee of Bow, NH
Justin Laffin of Claremont, NH
Isaac Lampkin of Dyess AFB, TX
Nathan Langone of Franklin, NH
Shannon Larochelle of Hooksett, NH
Jill Larson of Fairlee, VT
Meagen Laviolette of Shapleigh, ME
Tonia LeClair of Acworth, NH
William Leathers of Meredith, NH
Ashley Lee of Bridgewater, CT
Cheyenne Lee of Manchester, NH
Kelsi Lessard of Rumney, NH
Melissa Levesque of Merrimack, NH
Annie Lewis of Merrimack, NH
Charles Lewis of Goshen, NH
Erica Linen of Yarmouth, ME
Katherine Littlefield of Somersworth, NH
Julianna Livingston of Conway, NH
Juliana Loaiza of Manchester, NH
Emma Lostimolo of Dover, NH
Nathan Love of Derry, NH
Karen MacLeod of Bristol, NH
Jeffery Mader of Navarre, FL
Terri Mahoney of Lebanon, NH
Tracy Major of Farmington, NH
Samantha Manseau of Manchester, NH
Kevin Marcucci of Weare, NH
Sydney Massa of Chocorua, NH
Michael Mayo of Farmington, NH
Lisa Mazzuca of Mattapoisett, MA
Hayley McClintock of Dover, NH
Mandy McCormick of Rochester, NH
Ellen McDonald of Rochester, NH
Ian McGrath of Manchester, NH
Haley McLean of Marshfield, MA
Ian McLellan of Farmington, NH
Dawn Meadows of Portland, ME
Callie Medina of Danvers, MA
Dustin Merrill of Goffstown, NH
Emily Merrill of Farmington, NH
Catey Metcalf of Walpole, NH
Emily Metivier of Sumter, SC
Holly Meyers of Lawton, OK
Brittany Miller of Campton, NH
Christine Miller of Newmarket, NH
Sean Miller of Austin, TX
Tara Mishra of Manchester, NH
Joshua Moore of Cornish, NH
Brian Moores of Merrimack, NH
Lee Morgan of Sanbornville, NH
Katie Morrill of Rochester, NH
Amanda Moutsoulas of Sanbornville, NH
Mackenzie Murphy of Merrimack, NH
Hanane Nabih of Nashua, NH
Anne Nadeau of Walpole, NH
Melissa Napier of Gorham, NH
Yeney Naranjo Armenteros of Nashua, NH
Erin Nasino of Lebanon, ME
Jacqueline Newhall of Rochester, NH
Jennifer Newman of Claremont, NH
David Newton of Pembroke, NH
John Norris of Rochester, NH
Brogan O’Hara of Watertown, MA
Jonathan O’Keefe of Manchester, NH
Victoria O’Keefe of New Boston, NH
Crystal O’Leary of Hudson, NH
Thomas Oakley of Concord, NH
Shelby Odom of Bow, NH
Elaine Paez of Tamworth, NH
Michael Paganelli of Northwood, NH
Kerry Page of Northfield, NH
Marissa Parent of Laconia, NH
Mackenzie Parise of Jb Andrews, MD
Joanne Parker of Orford, NH
Nicole Parker of Barrington, NH
Michelle Paskerta of Claremont, NH
Timothy Patterson of Manchester, NH
Kasey Pelletier of Lewiston, ME
Toni Pelletier of Manchester, NH
Karissa Peltier of Lyman, NH
Brandon Percy of Johnston, RI
Kristin Perez Matias of Belmont, NH
Jazmine Perkins of Seabrook, NH
Jennifer Picone of Danville, NH
Carla Pierson of Francestown, NH
Melissa Pocock of Pittsfield, MA
Austin Pollard of Goffstown, NH
Megan Pomerleau of Atkinson, NH
Jeremy Poole of Concord, NH
Monica Poole of Winchester, NH
Lisa Pors of Wilmington, NC
Alexandra Potter of Farmington, NH
Nicholas Potter of Dover, NH
Cheryl Pranaitis of Kettering, OH
Michelle Provencher of Manchester, NH
Tami Provost of Rochester, NH
Miranda Puorro of Barrington, NH
William Quaye of Nashua, NH
Clinton Range of Manchester, NH
Susan Raposa of York, ME
MariJane Rebenciuc of Webster, NH
Crystal Reed of Littleton, NH
Elizabeth Rego of Concord, NH
Heidi Reilly of Rochester, NH
James Reinert of Sanbornville, NH
Jessica Reynolds of Strafford, NH
Nicholas Richardson of Meredith, NH
Mark Roarick of Hillsboro, NH
Andrea Robinson of Northfield, NH
Stanley Rock of Exeter, NH
Hannah Rogers of Hampstead, NH
Kevin Rondeau of Manchester, NH
Alyssa Rosenberg of Somersworth, NH
Stephen Roy of ,
Roberta Royce of Winchester, NH
Austin Sansoucy of Littleton, NH
Rebecca Sargent of Derry, NH
Joanne Savastano of Milford, NH
Jennifer Schaffner of Laconia, NH
Graham Schave of Portsmouth, NH
Robert Schramm of Stratham, NH
Sabrina Scott of Milton, NH
Stephanie Scott of Rochester, NH
Jennifer Shepard of Suffolk, VA
Kristen Shimer of Manchester, NH
Ashley Shipman of Lebanon, ME
Jafreysi Shulterbrondt of Manchester, NH
David Siwik of Tolland, CT
Linda Skidmore of Chichester, NH
Abigail Smarzynski of Madison, NH
Christine Smith of Center Conway, NH
Emily Smith of Brookfield, NH
Sadie Smith of Claremont, NH
Marietta Snell of Stone Mountain, GA
Erik Sobel of Pembroke, NH
Susan Spearin of Lancaster, NH
Justine Spencer of Rochester, NH
Heather Stanley of Shiloh, IL
Melinda Steele-St. Cyr of Franklin, NH
Carissa Steuerwald of Dover, NH
Bethany Stevens of Nashua, NH
Kathryn Stewart of North Berwick, ME
Peter Stone of Bristol, NH
Alexis Stowers of Farmington, NH
Shaylan Swanson of Gansevoort, NY
Andrea Swasey of Andover, ME
Miranda Sykes of Newport News, VA
Samantha Sylvester of Center Conway, NH
Stephanie Tamn of Flemington, NJ
Daniel Taylor of Francestown, NH
Leah Taylor of Rochester, NH
Michelle Tewksbury of Lunenburg, VT
Vanessa Thayer of Springfield, VT
Katelyn Thompson of Wolfeboro, NH
Lisa Thompson of Swanzey, NH
Cassandra Threlfall of Cumberland Foreside, ME
Krystal Thurston of Wolfeboro Falls, NH
Samantha Thurston of Bath, NH
Scott Tice of Hudson, NH
Joscelyn Timberlake of McHenry, IL
Sudha Timilsina of Rochester, NH
Jolyn Tinkham of Bow, NH
Andrea Tonken of Claremont, NH
Melinda Tonkin of Canterbury, NH
Diane Towle of Rochester, NH
Jared Treshinsky of Hancock, NH
Mark Vaillancourt of Londonderry, NH
Juliet Valela of Springfield, NH
Abigale Vander Wyden of Newport, NH
Joella Velasquez of Harrisville, NH
Brett Veno of Rochester, NH
Nyla Waddell of Springfield, NH
Lynn Waisanen-Morin of Hudson, NH
Hallie Waitkus of Kingston, MA
Gabrielle Walter of Whitefield, NH
Samantha Warren of Alton, NH
Hillary Washburn of Keene, NH
Tracy Webb of Loudon, NH
Donald Weber of Dayton, OH
Mercedes West of Cornish Flat, NH
Hilary Westerberg of Manchester, NH
Amanda Wheeler of Weare, NH
Pamela Wickers of Conway, NH
Laura Willett of Dover, NH
Katrina Winnicki of Barrington, NH
Laura Wood of Harrisville, RI
Xueyun Zhang of Hudson, NH