Announcing Our Summer and Fall 2018 Dean’s List

Granite State College in Concord, New Hampshire.

Granite State College congratulates students who earned recognition on the Dean’s List for the 2018 Summer and Fall academic terms. This achievement is reached when degree seeking students meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a minimum of 12 credits toward the degree, with no grade below a C and no incomplete courses, for two consecutive terms (summer/fall or winter/spring)
  • Have a minimum combined grade point average of 3.75 for the terms under consideration, with no grade below a C during those terms
Congratulations to the following students:
Keith Abbott of Belmont, NH
Lori-Ann Adamovich of Claremont, NH
Sara Adams of Bennington, NH
Summer Aiken of Bedford, NH
Briana Albano of Deer Park, NY
Hannah Albee of Strafford, NH
Victoria Ames of Concord, NH
Carisa Anctil of Gansevoort, NY
Alison Anzalone of Raymond, NH
Savannah Arnold of New Durham, NH
Kwasi Asamani of Concord, NH
Kate Auger of Allenstown, NH
Sean Avery of Deerfield, NH
Emilie Ayers of North Conway, NH
Kathryn Ayers of Gilmanton, NH
Pearl Aznive of Loudon, NH
Amanda Bailey of Antrim, NH
Michael Baker of Dunbarton, NH
Kevin Baltimore of Chester, NH
Shelly Becker of Windsor, VT
Alexander Beckwith of Contoocook, NH
Travis Bell of Converse, TX
Elissa Bellerose of Nottingham, NH
Abagail Benner of Epsom, NH
Sierra Bergeron of Hudson, NH
Amanda Bernd of Milan, NH
April Bieber of Penacook, NH
Justin Blondin-Miller of Northfield, NH
Moriah Boivin of Birmingham, AL
Madelyn Boudreaux of Exeter, NH
Morgyn Boynton of Warner, NH
Louise Brassard of Strafford , NH
Ashley Brightman of Plaistow, NH
Stephanie Britton of Kingston, NH
Nancy Brown of Rochester, NH
Kathryn Canfield of Center Sandwich, NH
Michael Cantrell of East Kingston, NH
Kimberly Carrington of Oxford, NC
Dakota Carroll of Lisbon, NH
Noel Cassen of Manchester, NH
Tiffany Castle of Raymond, NH
Makala Chandonnet of Franklin, NH
Christina Chokbengboune of Hampton, NH
Brittany Collins of Hillsboro, NH
Tori Cormier of Rochester, NH
Stephanie Couture of Manchester, NH
Kaitlyn Covel of North Sutton, NH
Yomara Cruz of Fort Eustis, VA
Edward Cyr of Londonderry, NH
Mary Dahlberg of New Boston, NH
Matthew Davis of Goffstown, NH
Casey Day of Bow, NH
Crystal Dereli of Nashua, NH
Tyler Deschaine of Tilton, NH
Sydney Desjardins of Rochester, NH
Tracy DiMarco of Plaistow, NH
Jasmine Diaz of Manchester, NH
Arthur Dickerman of Webster, NH
Daniele Dirsa-Sharpe of Raymond, NH
Carl Ditty of Dover, NH
Meghan Donovan of Merrimack, NH
Tammy Drew of Tamworth, NH
Chad Edwards of Galloway, OH
Jana El-Sayed of Hudson, NH
Chrissy Elliott of Hillsboro, NH
Travis Emerson of Epsom, NH
Emily Evans of Campton, NH
Nicholas Evans of Newmarket, NH
Trisha Falardeau of Montpelier, VT
Jennifer Faro of Rye, NH
Sarah Farrington of Madison, NH
Victoria Fleury of Gilmanton, NH
Christopher Florent of Hampton, NH
J Flynn of Keene, NH
Tiffany Foreman of North Haverhill, NH
Heather Forte of Rindge, NH
Laurie Foster of Rochester, NH
Selena Fountain of Leominster, MA
Jessica Fucci of Hawley, PA
Emmanuel Gagne of Farmington, NH
Norman Gagnon of Amherst, NH
Alexandria Gallant of Farmington, NH
Eben Gannett of Thornton, NH
Erin Gannon of Dracut, MA
Tyler Gaudette of Franconia, NH
Amanda Gaudreau of Nashua, NH
Gregg Gelinas of New Boston, NH
Raquel Gelinas of Penacook, NH
Mandy Gendron of Merrimack, NH
Melissa Gentry of Silver Lake, NH
Denise Giattina of Manchester, NH
Stephanie Gillette of Bristol, NH
Erin Goeman of Manchester, NH
Adam Gonyea of Eliot, ME
Ryan Graham of Coalgate, OK
Amy Gray of Dover, NH
Mark Greene of Bristol, NH
Kristine Groz of Northfield, NH
Nicole Guarino of North Conway, NH
Brian Guilmette of Rochester, NH
Caroline Haggerty of Flemington, NJ
Clare Handy of Nashua, NH
Anna Harris of Marlborough, NH
Frederick Heath of Holderness, NH
Justin Henderson of Hooksett, NH
Betty-Jo Heney of Madison, NH
Anne Henry of Mont Vernon, NH
Robert Hollifield of Dallas, GA
Barbara Holt of Milford, NH
William Hoover of Newmarket, NH
Roger Howard of Kittery, ME
Steven Howell of Rochester, NH
Giao Hua of Manchester, NH
Erika Jackson of Derry, NH
Christian Jacobs of Nashua, NH
Dawn James of North Conway, NH
Tifonie Janvrin of Dover, NH
Dawn Jarema of Westerville, OH
Tiffany Johnson of Campton, NH
Virginia Jones of Weare, NH
T’Anna Jordan of Fort Valley, GA
George Joudrie of Williamsburg, MA
Matthew Joyal of Farmington, NH
Hillary Kang of Exeter, NH
Sarah Kazakis of Webster, NH
Kelsea Kehoe of Chester, NH
Derek Kelleher of Concord, NH
Michael Kellerman of Stratham, NH
Janet Kennedy of White River Junction, VT
Susanna Keyes of Centerville, UT
Emily King of Lee, NH
Miechen Kingsley of Dover, NH
Andrew Koplin of Intervale, NH
Benjamin LaCure of Hudson, MA
Derrick Labranche of Dunbarton, NH
Serena Lamontagne of Charlestown, NH
Jill Larson of Fairlee, VT
Sarah Lautenschlager of N. Conway, NH
Meagen Laviolette of Shapleigh, ME
James Lavrentios of Somersworth, NH
Stephen Lawson of Moreno Valley, CA
Trevor Leadbeater of Center Barnstead, NH
Ashley Lee of Bridgewater, CT
Charles Lewis of Goshen, NH
Lauren Lombardi of Salem, NH
Kevin Lopez Figueroa of Grand Forks, ND
Nathan Love of Derry, NH
Ravi Madahar of Rochester, NH
Aarron Magdziarz of Fremont, NH
Terri Mahoney of Lebanon, NH
Samantha Manseau of Manchester, NH
Shaylyn Maran of Wolfeboro Falls, NH
Kevin Marcucci of Weare, NH
Rachel Marsan of Farmington, NH
Kayla Marsh of Sarasota, FL
Jampa Matsang of West Lebanon, NH
Rebecca Matson of Claremont, NH
Lisa Mazzuca of Mattapoisett, MA
Chenais McConnell of Milford, NH
Ian McLellan of Farmington, NH
Angela Mclauchlan of Center Conway, NH
Brittany Melanson of Eliot, ME
Emily Merrill of Farmington, NH
Holly Meyers of Lawton, OK
Blake Moore of San Antonio, TX
Joshua Moore of Cornish, NH
Katie Morrill of Rochester, NH
Amanda Moutsoulas of Sanbornville, NH
Catherine Mulkern of Portsmouth, NH
Kristine Mulligan of Warner, NH
Brannigan Murphy of Portsmouth, NH
Eryn Murphy of Lee, NH
Mackenzie Murphy of Merrimack, NH
Anne Nadeau of Walpole, NH
Melissa Napier of Gorham, NH
Yeney Naranjo Armenteros of Nashua, NH
Jacqueline Newhall of Rochester, NH
David Newton of Pembroke, NH
Matthew Nogueira of Epping, NH
Jaimie O’Brien of Bennington, NH
Brandon O’Donnell of Elkins Park, PA
Victoria O’Keefe of New Boston, NH
Thomas Oakley of Concord, NH
Amy Paganelli of Northwood, NH
Sarah Paquette of Raymond, NH
Amanda Pelissier of Tilton, NH
Christian Perez Rivera of Bedford, NH
Mathew Perry of Fremont, NH
Carla Pierson of Francestown, NH
Megan Pomerleau of Atkinson, NH
Nicholas Potter of Dover, NH
Clinton Range of Manchester, NH
Courtney Raymond of Newmarket, NH
Ayla Retelle of Pelham, NH
Alysia Rice of Concord, NH
Brandon Richardson of Berwick, ME
Nicholas Richardson of Meredith, NH
Tyler Robinson of Concord, NH
Hannah Rogers of Hampstead, NH
Alyssa Rosenberg of Somersworth, NH
Kelly Royce of Charlestown, NH
Jennifer Russell of Epping, NH
Rebecca Sargent of Derry, NH
Nina Sartorelli of Hampton, NH
Melissa Sayre of Milan, MO
Joy Schoenbeck of Gorham, NH
Haley Searles of East Waterboro, ME
Kayla Seavey of Sandown, NH
Katie Shanahan of Hooksett, NH
Michelle Shaw of Rochester, NH
Robert Shaw of White River Junction, VT
Molly Shellenberger of New Boston, NH
Brittany Shepard of Keene, NH
Ashley Shipman of Lebanon, ME
Linda Skidmore of Chichester, NH
Ashley Smith of Loudon, NH
Christine Smith of Center Conway, NH
Emily Smith of Brookfield, NH
Sadie Smith of Claremont, NH
Steven Smith of Charlestown, NH
Marietta Snell of Stone Mountain, GA
Erik Sobel of Pembroke, NH
Francis Solletti of Newmarket, NH
Susan Spearin of Lancaster, NH
Heather Stanley of Shiloh, IL
Melinda Steele-St. Cyr of Franklin, NH
Bethany Stevens of Nashua, NH
Kathryn Stewart of North Berwick, ME
Patricia Stickle of Winchester, NH
Jourdan Sutton of Laurel, MD
Timothy Svenson of Manchester, NH
Samantha Sylvester of Center Conway, NH
Daniel Taylor of Francestown, NH
Cassandra Threlfall of Cumberland Foreside, ME
Krystal Thurston of Wolfeboro Falls, NH
Samantha Thurston of Bath, NH
Diane Towle of Rochester, NH
Ashley Trask of Plymouth, NH
Cecile-Marie Underwood of Brentwood, NH
Ashley Vandenburgh of North Springfield, VT
Nyla Waddell of Springfield, NH
Jessica Webb of Weare, NH
Tracy Webb of Loudon, NH
Sadie Wells of Canaan, NH
Hilary Westerberg of Manchester, NH
Courtney Weymouth of East Wakefield, NH
Clarissa White of Concord, NH
Danica Adriane Whorton of Bedford, NH
Jessica Widdicombe of Orford, NH
Rhonda Wilson of Barrington, NH
Natalie Winchester of Franklin, NH
Laura Wood of Harrisville, RI
Samuel Wood of Laconia, NH
Xueyun Zhang of Hudson, NH