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School of Education

All students enrolled in teacher certification programs are required to document professional growth throughout the program in a professional portfolio.

Beginning with the first course and all subsequent courses, you will document growth over time with examples of key assignments highlighting professional and educational accomplishments over the course of the program—these are your portfolio artifacts.

In each clinical course, your final assignment will be to submit a link to your ongoing portfolio. Your instructor will review your portfolio to ensure that you have selected relevant artifacts to include in your portfolio.

During your culminating course, you will submit your final professional portfolio for review which will feature each artifact you’ve developed throughout your certification program and serve as a resource throughout your entire career in education.


Suggested Portfolio Artifacts by Certification

View the artifacts that relate to your certification program and how each of your courses may contribute to your portfolio.

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Building Your Portfolio

You will use Google Drive to build and share your portfolio. Use the following tutorials to help you create, add, and share your artifacts in your portfolio.


Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) Materials

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