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Independent Learning Agreements

Requesting a Course & Developing an Independent Learning Agreements

Undergraduate and School of Education Students

If there’s a course you’d like to take that is not scheduled for the upcoming term, you can make a formal request to take the course. There are two primary types of requests:

  • Courses in the Catalog
  • Courses not offered at Granite State College

Courses in the Catalog 

If you need a certain course from the Catalog in order to progress in your degree program, and this course isn’t offered, you can submit a request to take this course independently. Instead of being in a class with multiple students, you will work independently to complete the required assignments under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Courses not offered at Granite State College: Unique Independent Learning Agreements

If you’d like to explore a highly specialized area (and Granite State College doesn’t offer a course focused on that specific topic), you can request an independent learning agreement. This is rare and typically for students who are pursuing a bachelor’s in individualized studies. You’ll develop a proposal outlining your goals and a faculty member with expertise in this area will work with you to formulate specific learning outcomes and assignments.

Policies & Guidelines

The following conditions must be met to initiate an independent learning agreement:

  • Students must submit the request by the deadline for that term
  • The course must be appropriate to the student’s program of study
  • All requests are subject to approval by Academic Affairs based on student’s degree completion plan and academic history
  • All requests are subject to the availability of a faculty member


Visit the Course Request and Independent Learning Agreement website and contact your advisor.

Independent Learning Agreements


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