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Graduate Student Portfolios


Chalk & Wire™

During your graduate coursework, you’ll capture, assess, and track all you learn, write, and create in an ePortfolio using Chalk & Wire™ software. Course-by-course, as you accumulate knowledge, you’ll use your ePortfolio to capture your growth and progress so you can begin applying it in your professional career.

There may be two types of portfolios you will utilize, depending upon your program:

Programmatic ePortfolio

Used to document your growth over time using program-specific assignment competencies

Capstone ePortfolio

For development of final Capstone project and required presentation


How to Purchase Your Two-Year Subscription to Chalk & Wire

  1. Visit our online bookstore:
  2. Follow instructions for ordering your books for courses in which you are registered.
  3. The Chalk & Wire™ subscription will appear as one of the required resources titled as: "ePortfolio with Chalk & Wire™ (2 Year)".
  4. Once you have completed the purchase for your Chalk & Wire™ account, you will be notified by email with your individual access code. You will need this code when you first log in to Chalk & Wire™. SAVE THIS EMAIL, and do not share it with anyone else.
  5. Your Chalk & Wire™ subscription will need to be renewed after two years.


How to Activate Your Chalk & Wire™ Account

These steps are for first-time activation onlyAfterwards, you can simply access Chalk & Wire™ directly through Moodle.

  1. Once you have purchased your subscription, sign in to your Moodle account
  2. Find the Resources block on the left-hand side of the Dashboard homepage. Click on the Chalk & Wire™ link.
    Note: if you do not see the Resources block, see instructions for Adding the Resource Block to your Moodle Dashboard.
  3. Complete the New User Registration from to activate your account. Your name and email will auto-populate this screen.
  4. Enter the subscription code that you received from MBS.
  5. Create a password. We recommend that you use the same password that you use for Moodle. You will only need this password should you need to access Chalk & Wire outside of eLearning+ (Moodle).
  6. Make sure the I agree box is checked and select Continue.
  7. Once you submit this form, you will be brought into Chalk & Wire™. Your account is now activated.


ePortfolio FAQ

What is an ePortfolio and why do I need one?

Your ePortfolio is a record of your growth as an emerging professional in your chosen field. It will include a combination of artifacts (papers, products, projects, etc.) and personal reflection that you created in your Granite State College courses, all of which will be considered in preparation for your final Integrative Capstone project.

Do all graduate program students need to purchase an ePortfolio subscription?

Yes, Chalk & Wire™ subscriptions are required for all graduate students. Even non-degree students in that program need to purchase it.

What kind of ePortfolio do I need?

We use our own ePortfolio system called Chalk & Wire™, which is integrated into your Moodle course activities. You do not need to create a programmatic ePortfolio on your own.

Help! I need technical support for Chalk & Wire™.

Our IT Team created helpful Chalk & Wire™ Tutorials and Guides, which include more detail on setting up your account, completing your initial activity, sharing your portfolio, and more. If you have additional technical questions, contact Chalk & Wire Support.

How do I get my Chalk & Wire™ account? 

Your Chalk & Wire™ subscription will be added to your course book purchase at the online bookstore. You only need ONE subscription purchase to cover your needs for your entire graduate studies program. Your subscription lasts for two years.

What am I supposed to put in my ePortfolio? 

Each course will include ePortfolio activities that will explain what you need to do. You will do your work within your Chalk & Wire ePortfolio account, and then submit or share your work with your instructor and others as directed. We will provide you with instructions on how to do each of these tasks.

How do I turn in ePortfolio assignments? 

Chalk & Wire™ has its own system for submitting assignments, as you will see when you are placed in an activity. You do not need to copy or email your assignments to your instructor. When you submit your assignment within Chalk & Wire™, you will add your instructor as the Assessor. Your instructor will receive a notification to review your work. You will be notified by email when your work has been assessed.

Who is looking at my ePortfolio? 

Your ePortfolio work is 100% private, according to FERPA compliance. Not even your instructors can see your work until you submit it to them. When you reach your Integrative Capstone course, you will share your ePortfolio with your Capstone Advisor. If you choose, you may share your ePortfolio with others by sending them a secure URL link, but that is optional and solely up to your discretion.

Can I still access my ePortfolio after it expires?

You can continue to access your ePortfolio once the account has expired with some functionality at no additional cost. If your account expires you will still be able to:

  • Download your existing files
  • Download clean, paginated PDF versions of any ePortfolio
  • Download HTML website versions of any ePortfolio complete with a visual theme and navigation for local use or placement on other websites
  • Edit text in your current ePortfolios and author new ones for any purpose
  • Link your ePortfolios automatically to email and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Securely share your ePortfolios with anyone for comment and review

If your account expires while you are still an active student, you will be required to renew your account in order to continue uploading and submitting from a full-featured version of Chalk & Wire™. See instructions below for renewing your account.

How do I renew my Chalk & Wire subscription? 

Your Chalk & Wire™ subscription lasts for two years as of the date you activate it. When your subscription expires, you can renew it for one additional year by purchasing the “ePortfolio: Chalk & Wire (1 Year Renewal)” subscription in our online bookstore. This renewal subscription is listed under any advanced course (with the exception of LD 820, MGMT 805, PM 800) within the Graduate Studies site. Please note: If you have purchased the 2 year subscription by mistake, please contact Chalk & Wire™ support to obtain the renewal subscription instead.

What happens after I graduate and no longer have access to Moodle?

You may continue using your account after graduating until the account expires by going to the external Chalk & Wire™. You will continue to have view and download access to your ePortfolios at no additional cost. However, you will no longer be able to submit work from Moodle or add new content. Sign in using the password you established when you first activated your account. Tip: you may have set the same password you used for logging into your online courses.


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