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Field Based FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the college help me secure an internship?

No. You are responsible for researching, contacting, and securing an internship site. The internship site should reflect your academic discipline.

Can I complete my internship where I work?

Yes. However, you must develop the outcomes, goals, and complete the 80 hours for the internship separate from your regular responsibilities, all of which must be documented and agreed to by your supervisor. Many students have found that—for a number of reasons—completing an internship at their workplace was more complicated than they had anticipated.

Are the outcomes for my internship the same as the capstone course outcomes?

No. You are required to develop outcomes for the internship that best reflect your responsibilities within the internship, your capstone, and your academic program outcomes. It is recommended that you develop these outcomes with your host site supervisor.

Will I be required to complete a background check?

An increasing number of sites require a background check at the student’s expense (approximately $10 - $50, depending on the type of check).

What happens if my background check does not meet the site’s requirements?

You will probably not be permitted to complete an internship there and will need to find another site.

What happens if my first choice for an internship site cannot accommodate me?

When planning for your internship, you should have a contingency plan in case your first choice site is not available. The College recommends that you secure two internship sites in the event that one becomes unavailable.

If you are ultimately unable to secure an internship site, you must consult your academic advisor for other capstone options.

What is expected of me in the internship capstone course? Why do I have to take the capstone course in addition to the 80 hours I am interning?

You are required to register for an online capstone internship course as required by your academic program. You should anticipate completing assignments, contributing to discussion activities, and communicating with your faculty and peers just as you would in any other online course in your program. Most capstones require a final summative assignment as well.

Do I have to space out my hours in my internship equally each week across the term?

No. You, the host site supervisor, and the faculty agree how/when the hours will be completed. However, all internship hours are required to be completed within the term.

If I am required to complete any training in preparation for the internship, do the training hours count towards the 80 hours?

It depends. If you complete the training within the term, the hours do count. If you complete it prior to the start of the term, the hours do not count.


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