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Field-Based Experiential Learning

Academic Requirements

At Granite State College, our community is comprised of working adult students so we design our degree programs to integrate with your career and goals. This is accomplished through a concept called Field-Based Experiential Learning, which are learning opportunities that take place outside of the traditional classroom, providing you with direct exposure to your field of study. These experiences vary in type, level, duration, and number of academic credits awarded.

Getting Started

Getting Started

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Types of Opportunities

Types of Opportunities

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Getting Started

The process of getting started will differ from typical course registration protocol. You’ll want to plan up to one term ahead for practicum or internship, and up to two terms ahead for an Integrative Capstone. In addition, approval by Academic Affairs is required based on student’s academic plan and history.

Here’s a brief preview of the step-by-step process.


Meet with Your Advisor

Discuss which field-based option is most appropriate for your degree plan at this stage. View our field-based experiential learning FAQs for more detail.

Find and Secure a Host Site

A host site is a location where your field-based experiential learning will be completed. Research options that meet your goals and reflect the field-based experiential learning guidelines. At Granite State College, field-based experiential learning applications are required, and must be completed and approved prior to course registration. Students may complete and submit their experiential learning agreement within the Experiential Learning Application.

NOTE: Before starting this application, students are advised to have their Host Site information handy for reference while completing this form.

Need Help Finding a Host Site?

Use Handshake in your search. Handshake is a repository of jobs and internships posted by employers interested in hiring Granite State College students.

Start Experiential Learning Application

Finalize Your Course Registration

When your application is fully approved by Academic Affairs, work with your advisor to finalize your registration and prepare for the start of your field-based experience.


Submission of Request Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Submission of Request Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Submission of Request Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Types of Opportunities

Here are the most common types of Field-Based Experiential Learning opportunities you’ll encounter at Granite State College:

Course Assignments and Activities

Projects, case studies, interviews, observations, and/or job shadowing that takes place in the field.


During internships, students work at a company, school, agency, or organization on an assignment or project that lasts up to an academic term in duration. Some internships may include paid compensation. You may be able to pursue an internship within your current workplace, if the documented internship activities are distinct from your regular job duties.

  • Longer Duration: longer than an academic term
  • Total Hours: 80 per term
  • Higher-level Coursework: most appropriate for students who have an established foundation in a topic or career area

Similar to an internship, a practicum is a course that requires both classroom time and several hours of work in the field at a host site.

  • Short Duration: less than an academic term
  • Total Hours: 25 per term
  • Lower-level Coursework: most appropriate for students exploring a topic, discipline, or occupation
School of Education: Clinical and Culminating Field Experiences

Students majoring in education or pursuing a teacher certification work or volunteer in a p-12 classroom environment, applying concepts learned within their coursework under the observation of a supervising practitioner.

Integrative Capstone

The last course in a degree program, which combines traditional course work with a field-based experience. Allows students to integrate and apply the concepts, outcomes, and knowledge gained through duration of the degree program.

  • Taken as Last Course in Degree Program
  • Duration: one academic term
  • Field-based Options Include: internship (80 hours), project, or research
    *Students should discuss field-based options with their advisor; certain degree programs are better aligned with certain options.

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