Granite State College is joining University of New Hampshire as the College of Professional Studies.

Degree Planning Tools

Plan and track your progress to degree completion with the student-friendly tools provided on this page. Click on a schedule to view or download the latest term information. To search by term or for the most up to date offerings, please use our Course Schedule.

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2023-2024 Schedules and Planning Tools

These schedules only include projected online offerings. Campus-based courses will continue to be scheduled each term.

Undergraduate Courses by Course Number

Graduate Courses by Course Number

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Degree Audits

A degree audit is a summary of your degree requirements merged with your academic record, providing a real-time assessment of progress towards graduation. The evaluation includes all courses accepted in transfer, as well as all courses completed and in progress at Granite State College.

Granite State College currently maintains two degree audit systems for students. Access to both degree audit systems is available through WebROCK.

Graduation Planning System (GPS)

If you started your degree in the fall of 2013 or later, your degree audit will be in GPS. Click to access GPS FAQs.

Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP)

If you started your degree prior to the fall of 2013, your degree audit will be in CAPP. Click to access CAPP FAQs.

Important Course Planning Information

New Course Names & Numbers

Beginning in Summer Session 2023, Granite State College and UNH Manchester will merge to become the UNH College of Professional Studies. There will be a shared catalog of courses across the curriculum between the UNH-Manchester and GSC divisions. As a result, current course names and numbers may change to ensure there isn’t duplication. Your Graduation Planning System (GPS) is the best resource for monitoring progress toward your degree completion, as it provides a snapshot of courses in progress, planned courses, and academic history. Any changes to course names and numbers will be reflected in GPS. As always, your advisor is available to assist you with any questions.

Capstone Courses

Going forward, Summer Session will consist of one 8-week term. Some capstone courses will be offered only in the 16-week format during the fall and spring semesters. Those who need to complete a 16-week capstone course should plan accordingly. Exceptions may be requested for those prepared to complete the capstone in Summer 2023. Contact your advisor. For more information about changes to the calendar, click here.

Financial Aid

During Summer Semesters, students will need to take two courses at a time (at least six credits for undergraduate and PBTC students and at least five credits for graduate students) to be eligible for financial aid, as there is only one 8-week term offered in the summer. This is effective beginning with Summer Session 2023. For Fall and Spring Semesters, students can plan to take one course per term and still be eligible for financial aid. For more information about changes related to financial aid, click here.

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