Petition Guidelines & Forms

There may be circumstances beyond a student's control that prevent him/her from completing his/her coursework for a term. Students should consult with their advisor prior to withdrawing or beginning the petition process. Petitions may also be submitted for variance of other college policies.

Petition Guidelines

Our guidelines provide details about the types of petitions (course drop/withdrawal, reinstatement of financial aid eligibility, exceptions to academic policy), step-by-step instructions, and the official petition form.

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Waivers of academic policies and procedures are considered by Academic Affairs through a written petition process facilitated by the student’s advisor. Academic Affairs rules on all petitions, and the student is notified of the decision by letter.

Appealing a Decision

If a student thinks that reconsideration of the decision is warranted due to the availability of additional information, or the need to further clarify information previously presented, he or she may appeal the decision within 30 days of receipt of the letter indicating the decision, through the following appeal process:

  1. An Appeal Form should be completed and signed by the student and sent to the Office of Academic Affairs. [Download an Appeal Form]
  2. The Appeal Form should include a brief statement as to why the decision should be reconsidered as well as additional supporting evidence or clarification of the original request.
  3. Upon receipt, the appeal will be forwarded to the Academic Appeal Committee for review. The committee will consist of two members of the Office of Academic Affairs staff and a senior academic administrator (Dean/Provost). Every effort will be made to handle the appeal within 10 working days.
  4. The decision by the Academic Appeal Committee is final, and the student will be notified immediately in writing.

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