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Tips & Tricks for Adjusting to the New Email Environment


Now that the email migration is complete, here are some tips and tricks for successfully navigating the new environment.

  1. Clear your browser cache to sweep anyway any old cached mail sessions into the old email domain. Instructions for clearing your cache can be found here:
  2. Update any old bookmarks you may have saved in your web browser or on your computer that you may have used as quick links into your email. New bookmarks should point to
  3. If you read your mail on your mobile device, you will want to delete the old granite email account and re-add it with updated information about the merged environment. Outlook is the recommended app for email.
  4. Struggling with managing your newly combined and in-box? see our FAQ on managing email in the integrated Microsoft environment:

You may also have noticed a change in the way names are displayed in your Granite email. Now all users whose primary affiliation is Granite State College, will see names displayed as first name last name (i.e. Pat Smith).


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