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Spring 2021: Take a 6-Week Course


When you pair two six-week courses together during the same term (one from the first session, another during the second session), you achieve a full-time course load and can accelerate your progress towards finishing your degree.

Full-time status is defined as at least eight credits for undergraduates and six for master’s-level students within a 12-week term. Two-credit courses may impact your ability to achieve a full-time courseload, so be sure to select your courses strategically.

Payment Deadline
Each session has its own deadline for tuition and fees, which includes payment arrangements such as financial aid.

  • Session 1: March 24, 2021
  • Session 2: May 5, 2021

Undergraduate Online Courses

FIRST SESSION (4/5 – 5/14)

ACCT 550 Accounting Information Systems
APST 505 Career Development and Life Planning (Online Hybrid)*
CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking
HLTC 612 Population Health
HUMN 504 World Religions
IDIS 502 College Success Seminar*
IDIS 601 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Being Happy
LD 602 Leadership Theory
MGMT 502 Excel*
MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 611 Money and Banking
NUR 600 Enhancing Your Nursing Career*
PSY 509 Human Development
PSY 603 Crisis Intervention
PSY 615 Psychology of Adulthood
SCI 518 Physical Geography

SECOND SESSION (5/17 – 6/25)

APST 505 Career Development and Life Planning*
ARTS 515 Introduction to Photography
COMM 543 Visual Communication
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking
ENG 508 The Media and Its Messages
HLTC 627 Reimbursement and Financing Techniques in Health Care
HUMN 560 Elementary Spanish I
MGMT 502 Excel (Online Hybrid)*
MGMT 621 Managing Conflict
MGMT 625 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Management
MKTG 514 Principles of Marketing
PSY 502 Social Psychology
PSY 617 Abnormal Psychology
SCI 502 Nutrition and Health
SOSC 637 Social Stratification and Inequality

*Indicates a 2-credit course

Master’s-level Courses

Online Hybrid Courses

These courses are offered 100% online; however, there are live virtual meetings scheduled throughout the term.

FIRST SESSION (4/5 – 5/14)

LD 820 Cultivating Your Leadership Capabilities
LD 823 Emergence of a Strategic Leader

SECOND SESSION (5/17 – 6/25)

LD 821 Ethical Decision-Making
LD 822 Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential

Get Started!

February 2, 2021: Registration Opens

March 12, 2021: Preferred deadline for financial aid and admission applications

March 24, 2021: Registration and payment due date for Session 1

May 5, 2021: Registration and payment due date for Session 2


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