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VA Benefit Update: 2021 Winter Term


Update from Office of Student Accounts


Updated November 4, 2020

Moving into the 2021 Winter Term there are several important changes that impact Post 9/11, VA Voc Rehab, and Federal Tuition Assistance benefits. Below you’ll find details about each of these changes, as well as information regarding staffing transitions at the College.

Post 9/11 and VA Voc Rehab

In April 2020, legislative changes allowed the VA to pay education benefits (including resident housing allowances) for courses that had been converted from face-to-face to an online format due to COVID-19. This legislation has been extended until the end of 2021.

A full list of the courses that qualify as a converted class and eligible to be certified to the VA as a face-to-face class is below for your convenience. Please work with your advisor to select a degree required course from this list so you can maximize your military benefits.

Air Force FTA

The Air Force has reduced their annual maximum from $4,500 down to $3,750. This policy change is for the indefinite future, or until the Air Force makes future changes. Currently, there is no change for any other branches.

UPDATE (11/24/2020) – The Air Force has rescinded their decision to reduce their military tuition assistance. The annual maximum is once again $4,500.

Staffing Transitions

On October 30, 2020, Jason Kovarik, our Military and Veterans Benefits Coordinator will be leaving Granite State College to pursue a new career opportunity in an entirely different field of work. We appreciate Jason’s good work on behalf of the College supporting our military community and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Jason wanted to express to students, “It has been a great privilege to have served my fellow Veterans and Service Members for the last 4 years. I wish you great success in your own adventures!”

The Student Accounts Department, led by Jodi Wolbert ’18, will be your point of contact moving forward. You’re in wonderful hands! Jodi served as our School Certifying Official prior to my arrival at Granite State and she is extremely well versed in military education benefits. You can reach Student Accounts using the email address.

The following courses are eligible to be certified to the VA as in-residence classes, allowing you to maximize your housing benefit.


  • CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry | Format: Online | CRN: 20134
  • CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis | Format: Online | CRN: 20137
  • ENG 500 The Writing Process | Format: Online | CRN: 20144
  • ENG 504 Introduction to Literature | Format: Online | CRN: 20145
  • HIS 511 U.S. History: 1865 to Present | Format: Online | CRN: 20152
  • HLTC 629 Law and Ethics for Health Care and Human Services | Format: Online | CRN: 20162
  • IDIS 501 Research Methods | Format: Online | CRN: 20178
  • LD 602 Leadership Theory | Format: Online | CRN: 20183
  • MATH 502 Math for Our World | Format: Online | CRN: 20184
  • MATH 504 Statistics | Format: Online | CRN: 20185
  • MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior | Format: Online | CRN: 20195
  • MGMT 625 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Management | Format: Online | CRN: 20203
  • POL 550 American Government and Politics | Format: Online | CRN: 20221
  • PSY 502 Social Psychology | Format: Online | CRN: 20225
  • PSY 604 Counseling Theories | Format: Online | CRN: 20230
  • PSY 609 Cognition and Learning | Format: Online | CRN: 20233
  • SCI 502 Nutrition and Health | Format: Online | CRN: 20237
  • SCI 541 Introduction to Environmental Science | Format: Online | CRN: 20239
  • SOSC 605 Stress and the Family | Format: Online | CRN: 20246
  • SOSC 637 Social Stratification and Inequality | Format: Online | CRN: 20247


  • LD 804 Leading Teams | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN: 20354
  • LD 823 Emergence of Strategic Leader | Format: Online | CRN: 20359

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