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Winter 2021: Take a 6-Week Course


When you pair two six-week courses together during the same term (one from the first session, another during the second session), you can accelerate your progress towards finishing your degree and more comfortably achieve a full-time courseload.

Full-time status is defined as at least eight credits for undergraduates and six for master’s-level students within a 12-week term. Two-credit courses may impact your ability to achieve a full-time courseload, so be sure to select your courses strategically.

Each session has its own deadline for tuition and fees, which includes payment arrangements such as financial aid.

Undergraduate Online Courses

FIRST SESSION (1/4 – 2/12)

COMM 510 Communication Theory*
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking
ECO 512 Principles of Economics
ENG 500 The Writing Process
HLTC 550 The Emerging U.S. Health Care System
IDIS 502 College Success Seminar*
MGMT 500 Principles of Management
MGMT 502 Excel*
MGMT 624 Managing Information Technology
MGMT 637 Workplace Coaching
NUR 600 Enhancing Your Nursing Career*
PSY 501 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 509 Human Development
SCI 505 Human Biology
SOSC 604 Dynamics of Family Relationships

SECOND SESSION (2/15 – 3/26)

APST 505 Career Development and Life Planning*
CMPL 538 Databases in the Workplace*
COMM 542 Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics
COMM 607 Communication for Training and Performance Improvement*
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking
ENG 602 Disability in Literature *
HIS 611 Themes in World History
HLTC 629 Law and Ethics for Healthcare and Human Services
HUMN 502 American Popular Culture
MGMT 502 Excel*
MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 608 Fostering Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace
SOC 501 Introduction to Sociology

*Indicates a 2-credit course

Master’s-level Online Courses

FIRST SESSION (1/4 – 2/12)

COMM 800 Foundations of Organizational Communication (3-credit)
INST 809 Foundations of Program Feasibility (1-credit)
INST 811 Foundations of The Learning Workplace (1-credit)
LD 804 Leading Teams (3-credit)
PM 820 Introduction to Lean Practices (1-credit)

SECOND SESSION (2/15 – 3/26)

INST 813 Foundations of Education Technology (1-credit)
INST 815 Resiliency: A Futurist Approach (1-credit)
LD 810 Change Management and Communication (3-credit)
PM 821 Introduction of Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain (2-credit)

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October 27, 2020: Registration Opens

December 11, 2020: Preferred Deadline for financial aid and admission applications

December 21, 2020: Registration and payment due date for Session 1

February 3, 2021: Registration and payment due date for Session 2


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