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VA Benefit Update: 2020 Fall Term


Update from Jason Kovarik, Military and Veterans Benefits Coordinator

Phone: 603-513-1364

With the school remaining all online due to COVID-19 for upcoming term, I am writing to provide some clarity to the situation with how it affects your housing stipends.

First: On March 21, lawmakers passed (SB 3503) which allows colleges to submit certification of resident courses converted to online modality as resident courses if the start date of the term is prior to 21 December 2020. This change in the law is in effect for Summer and Fall Term.

One of the VA’s requirements is that the school track which classes were converted from face-to-face (F2F) to online. We have a system in place to fulfill this requirement.

If you are a “local” student, that usually takes at least one F2F class in order to fulfill your “must have at least one F2F class for max benefit” requirement, please work with your advisor to make sure you are in one of the converted classes being offered.

View the list of 2020 Fall Term Courses below that qualify for BAH benefits and check with your advisor prior to registering.

Second: If you become ill with COVID-19 during the term and are unable to continue with class, it is important that you notify the school certifying official immediately. The law does not allow the VA to continue payments beyond your last day of attendance. For GSC the last day of attendance for online classes is determined by participation in class such as taking quizzes, turning in assignments, or participating in discussion boards. Simply logging in to your class does not count as participation.

Please remember that students wishing to use a military benefit for the Fall Term must complete the Military Benefits Request Form.

Please feel free to reach out to me or to the VA (888-442-4551) if you have further specific questions.

The following courses are eligible to be certified to the VA as face-to-face classes, allowing you to maximize your housing benefit.


  • ACCT 511 Financial Accounting | Format: Online Blended | CRN:10401
  • COMM 542 Interpersonal Comm & Group Dynmcs | Format: Online | CRN:10174
  • CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry | Format: Online | CRN:10184
  • CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis | Format: Online | CRN:10185
  • ENG 500 The Writing Process | Format: Online Blended | CRN:10399
  • ENG 604 Creative Writing | Format: Online | CRN:10398
  • HIS 510 U.S. History to 1865 | Format: Online | CRN:10272
  • HIS 513 European History: 19th & 20th | Format: Online | CRN:10273
  • HIS 627 Vietnam War: Hist Persptv | Format: Online | CRN:10395
  • HUMN 502 American Popular Culture | Format: Online | CRN:10396
  • MATH 502 Math for Our World | Format: Online Blended | CRN:10400
  • MATH 504 Statistics | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10401
  • MGMT 500 Principles of Management | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10403
  • MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10402
  • MGMT 613 Financial Management | Format: Online | CRN:10312
  • MGMT 620 Effectng Positive Change in Organizations | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10411
  • MGMT 621 Managing Conflict | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10412
  • MKTG 514 Principles of Marketing | Format: Online | CRN:10321
  • PSY 501 Introduction to Psychology | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10405
  • PSY 502 Social Psychology | Format: Online | CRN:10337
  • PSY 509 Human Development | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10406
  • PSY 604 Counseling Theories | Format: Online | CRN:10397
  • SCI 528 Natural Hist Northern New Eng | Format: Online | CRN:10350
  • SOC 607 Child Abuse and Neglect | Format: Online | CRN:10356
  • SOSC 604 Dynamics of Family Relatnships | Format: Online | CRN:10357


  • LD 822 Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential | Format: Online Blended | CRN:10393
  • LD 823 Emergence of a Strategic Leader | Format: Online Blended | CRN:10394
  • HTLC 850 Health Care Management Integrative Capstone | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10149
  • LD 850 Leadershiip Integrative Capstone | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10147
  • MGMT 850 Strategic Management Integrative Capstone | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10148
  • NUR 850 Integrative Clinical Capstone for Nursing Leaders | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10150
  • PM 850 Project Management Integrative Capstone | Format: Online Hybrid | CRN:10151

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