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School of Education: Impact to Clinical Courses


Update from the School of Education

Phone: 603-513-1364

As we prepare for the next term, we are aware that K-12 school closures may impact your clinical course requirements and we’re here to help.

2020 Fall Term – Clinical B

We encourage you to contact your course instructor to confirm the clinical requirements of your course. Please plan to collaborate with your instructor to ensure that course requirements can be met within any constraints of your PK-12 placement site.

2020 Fall Term – Clinical A

Teacher candidates enrolled in Clinical A courses during the Fall term of 2020 will be required to teach live, synchronous lessons to PK-12 students at a cooperating school for observations and unit instruction as outlined in the respective course syllabi. These lessons may take place in either face-to-face settings or online in accordance with the practice of the placement school on the date the lesson is scheduled to be taught. GSC faculty will observe remotely or face-to-face as permitted by the placement school.

Please email Kate Shumway-Pitt with any questions regarding this requirement.

All students in Teacher Certification Programs

We encourage you to prioritize your course registration in the following order:

  • Non-clinical courses
  • Clinical B courses
  • Clinical A courses

For those taking clinical courses, we will be providing additional information on how clinical hours may be met in future messaging. If you are taking a Clinical A course, it is important that you plan to attend your upcoming student success meeting via Zoom for more information on how clinical assignments may be adjusted.  Please see our schedule of upcoming Student Success Meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the School of Education directly at 603-822-5431.

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