Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

VA Benefit Update: 2020 Summer Term


The Following Courses Eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Benefits

This list was updated on May 14, 2020. Please check with your advisor prior to registering to ensure your course/s qualify.

Courses that were F2F/Hybrid with Existing Online Option

ARTS 503 Introduction to Watercolor (CRN:40299)
COMM 542 Interpersonal Communication & Group Dynamics (CRN:40130)
COMM 800 Founds Organizational Communication (CRN:40305)
CRIT 501 Intro to Critical Inquiry (CRN:40138)
CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis (CRN:40139)
ENG 604 Creative Writing (CRN:40301)
HIS 511 U.S. History: 1865 to Present (CRN:40298)
HIS 611 Themes in World History (CRN:40146)
HMSV 500 Human Services & Helping Process (CRN:40156)
HUMN 502 American Popular Culture (CRN:40256)
MATH 502 Math for Our World (CRN:40165)
MGMT 500 Principles of Management (CRN:40168)
MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior (CRN:40303)
MGMT 602 Leadership (CRN:40173)
MGMT 608 Managing Diversity (CRN:40260)
MGMT 620 Effecting Positive Change in Organizations (CRN:40304)
MGMT 637 Workplace Coaching (CRN:40302)
PSY 502 Social Psychology (CRN:40188)
PSY 509 Human Development (CRN:40308)
PSY 610 Disease Model of Addictions (CRN:40297)
PSY 617 Abnormal Psychology (CRN:40192)
SCI 518 Physical Geography (CRN:40309)
SOSC 604 Dynamics of Family Relationships (CRN:40300)

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