Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

Summer Term Update


From Mark Rubinstein, President of Granite State College


I hope that this note finds you well (understanding that term to be relative under the current circumstances).

Several weeks ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming visible in New Hampshire, the College made a decision to complete Winter Term and to start Spring Term fully online for all courses. As the public health crisis continued to expand, the College made a subsequent decision that Spring courses would be completed online. Those decisions were based on the priority that we place on the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff and informed by the best medical and scientific information available to us.

Now, as we approach the start of registration for Summer Term, based on the same sense of responsibility for the health and safety of our community and on the prevailing public health guidance, we have made a decision that all 2020 Summer Term courses will also be offered exclusively online for the entire term. We hope that by making that decision now, we can help to alleviate concerns and to facilitate better planning for both our students and our faculty who are concerned about the potential risks of in-person courses.

For those students whose educational benefits have been earned through military service, we know that there are some unique issues associated with online learning. Under the current circumstances, the VA has made some helpful provisions and the College has also identified resources to lessen any remaining impact of our decisions. If your benefits are affected by enrollment in online courses and you have questions, please contact our Student Accounts Office to discuss.

While the primary responsibility of the College is to provide you with the best education we can offer, the College has long understood that our students’ lives are complex tapestries and that learning with us is just one strand, interwoven with others that connect them to their families, their communities, their employers and more. For that reason, beyond simply communicating the decision about Summer Term, I also wanted to take the opportunity to remind you about the range of student support resources available to you at Granite State College including counseling services, career services, and financial aid.

In addition to the support services noted above, the College has also allocated additional financial aid resources and has established an Emergency Financial Aid Review Committee to help students navigate some of the acute challenges that have emerged with this pandemic. In these difficult times, our goal is to be as helpful to you as we can be, not just in pursuit of your education, but in helping you to weather the current crisis and to emerge stronger when this storm passes.

Your advisor and the Director of Student Affairs will always be your best first point of contact for answers to your questions or for access to these services, but if you think I can be of assistance, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Finally, I welcome you to join me for a Roundtable Discussion tonight via Zoom, Wednesday, April 29 from 6 – 6:45 p.m. Please register for this event by going to

Thank you and best wishes for your safety and well-being.


Mark Rubinstein
Granite State College

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