Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

Spring Term Update


From Mark Rubinstein, President of Granite State College

Dear Students,

Under any circumstances, but particularly under the current ones related to COVID-19, I sincerely hope that this note finds you well, and that you and those around you are safe and healthy.

As we approach the start of the Spring Term, we can confirm that all face-to-face and hybrid courses will be delivered fully online. We encourage you to reach out to your advisor and register for the April 8 Moodle Orientation if you need extra support.

We are incredibly mindful of the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the lives of many of our students and our adjunct faculty, separate from their relationship with Granite State College. Many members of our community—employed in healthcare, public safety, the military and throughout the workforce—are feeling the direct effects of the pandemic on public health and through the economic slowdown. Those who are parents and those who are educators are experiencing additional challenges, and in the few short weeks since this pandemic has taken hold of the United States, we know that the lives of most individuals and families have not fully acclimated to everything that is going on around us.

As always, the College wants to be a resource for you, not only for your education, but for your well-being. We have assembled a COVID-19 Updates and Resources page on our website, and our colleagues in the School of Education have also put together some resources for teachers who are currently adapting to remote teaching that can also be helpful to parents who are suddenly pressed into service as home educators.

More generally, for anyone who is struggling with the stresses created by the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to offer a reminder that you have 24/7 access to Counseling Services through our partnership with Kepro that allows for up to six counseling sessions at no cost to you to help you to regain your equilibrium.

Finally, we appreciate your interest in continuing your education this term and also understand the challenges that you are facing. For this reason, the College has extended the timeline for financial clearance, established an emergency financial aid review committee, and allocated additional institutional funds to assist students in need. If you need help, please contact your advisor to discuss additional options that might be available to you.

We know that this is a difficult period for everyone, but we also know that there are few people who are more resilient than adult learners who brave the challenges of balancing competing priorities to pursue a college degree. If you need to pause, we will be here for you when you return, but if you remain ready to press forward, we’re ready too, with our dedicated faculty and staff here—virtually—to support you.

Either way, please stay healthy and safe and let us know how we can help.


Mark Rubinstein
Granite State College

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