Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

COVID-19 Student Update from the Office of the President


To the Granite State College Student Community –

Like you (and most of the world), I am learning about the coronavirus in real time, inundated with news about the science, the health risks, and the preventive strategies being implemented to stem the rate of growth.Those steps, including closures of schools and businesses, are virtually unprecedented at this scale, and we know that the combination of these factors is affecting the lives of many members of our community. If you are directly affected by the coronavirus or by the actions being taken to limit the spread of the infection, I am sorry and I hope that you have access to the resources, support, and information that you need to get through this difficult experience.

To the extent that we can, colleagues across the College want to be helpful to you. We shared information last week about the immediate steps we were taking to protect students and faculty from the risk of exposure to the virus by moving face-to-face and hybrid courses to a fully online format for the balance of the Winter term and the start of the upcoming Spring term. Since then, we have pulled together information—in the form of our COVID-19 Updates & Resources Page—that we hope you will find useful, both for questions related to the College and for more general questions about COVID-19.

Additionally, while we always strive to be supportive, recent events have served as a vivid reminder about the complexity and challenges reflected in the lives of our students, causing all of us to want to redouble our efforts. We don’t want to be too intrusive, particularly with so much going on in your life, but we will continue to share information (our COVID-19 Updates & Resources Page) that we think could be helpful to you. We also hope that you will feel comfortable reaching out to your Advisor, to our Director of Student Affairs, or to me if you have a situation where you think we can be helpful. I can’t promise an ideal solution to every problem, but we are committed to working with you and demonstrating the respect, empathy, and support that you deserve.



Mark Rubinstein

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