Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

VA Certifies Hybrid Courses as In-residence


Starting August 15, the VA will certify all hybrid courses as in-residence training! Our hybrid courses meet at a campus on pre-selected days during the term, while the remaining instruction occurs online.

You will receive a monthly housing stipend based on the resident rate where you take the majority of your classes starting on and after our Fall Term.

As a student of Granite State College, that means you have access to even more courses to complete your degree while making the most of your well-earned educational benefits.

Here are a listing of hybrid courses by campus:

Concord Campus | 25 Hall Street, Concord, NH 03301

  • CRIT 502: Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking (CRN: 10109)
  • SCI 528: Natural History of Northern New England (Two Sections. Choose From CRN 10114 or 10120)
  • SOC 501: Introduction to Sociology (CRN: 10121)

Manchester Campus | MillWest Building, 3rd Floor, 195 McGregor Street, Manchester, NH 03102

  • ARTS 503: Introduction to Watercolor (CRN: 10130)
  • CRIT 501: Critical Inquiry (CRN: 10131)

Nashua Co-Location at Nashua Community College | 505 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063

  • MGMT 566: Organizational Behavior (CRN: 10132)
  • MGMT 621: Managing Conflict (CRN: 10133)
  • PSY 616: Psychology of Occupational Stress (CRN: 10134)
  • SOC 607: Child Abuse and Neglect (CRN: 10135)

Portsmouth Campus | Pease International Tradeport, 51 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801

  • CRIM 500: Introduction to Criminology (CRN: 10368)
  • PSY 616: Psychology of Occupational Stress (CRN: 10369)

Rochester Campus | 35-E Industrial Way, Rochester, NH 03867

  • CRINT 602: Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking (CRN: 10379)

If you have questions, please our Military and Veterans Benefits Coordinator, Jason Kavorik. If you are interested in learning more about or enrolling in a hybrid class, please contact your advisor.