Health Update: Preparing for Return to Campus

New Courses in Fall 2019


The best part about going back to college is when you get the opportunity to take courses that focus on the issues, trends, and challenges that are most important in your field. If you’re looking for an interesting class to add to your 2019 Fall Term schedule, consider one or more of these five newly created courses.

Principles of Exercise Science (SCI 604)

The study of exercise is not just meant for athletes—it’s integral to functional health and longevity, body and mind. In this course, you’ll examine how the body responds to exercise and it’s affect on weight control, physical performance, and quality of life.

Healthy Behaviors (HLTC 560)

How do our behaviors shape our overall health? The decisions we make everyday can impact the development of disease, our quality of life, and even our relationships.

In this course, you’ll explore applied behavioral and cognitive techniques to effectively understand unhealthy behaviors and how to intervene using coaching and other techniques.

Advanced Human Physiology and Wellness (SCI 603)

This course examines the physiological of the human body and common illness that interfere with its healthy functioning. Various evidence-based practices for disease prevention will also examined.

This course will prepare you for post-graduate work as you gain an understanding of scientific inquiry, research methods, and analysis.

Social Media Marketing (MKTG 520)

Designed to build social media marketing and advertising skills by giving you hands-on experience implementing realistic marketing strategies. Understand how businesses use social media, develop social media marketing strategies, and track their effectiveness. It is expected that you have a basic understanding of various social media platforms and recommended that you have taken MKTG 514 Principles of Marketing.

Case Management (HMSV 501)

This course examines the theories, roles, and functions of case management. Students will study real-life examples and practice case management. Through these examples and case studies you will build the professional skills needed to be a successful case manager. Understand the importance of ethics, challenges of legal issues, and best practices with case-note documentation.

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