Fall 2019: Take a 6-Week Course


When you pair two six-week courses together during the same term (one from the first session, another during the second session), you achieve a full-time course load and can accelerate your progress towards finishing your degree.

Undergraduate Online Courses

FIRST SESSION (9/23 – 11/1)

COMM 542 Interpersonal Communication and Group Dynamics

CRIT 501 Introduction to Critical Inquiry

HLTC 629 L aw and Ethics for Health Care and Human Services

HMSV 500 Human Services and the Helping Process

IDIS 502 College Success Seminar (2-credit)

MGMT 500 Principles of Management

MGMT 502 Excel (2-credit)

MGMT 613 Financial Management

MKTG 629 Global Marketing

NUR 600 Enhancing Your Nursing Career (2-credit)

POL 550 American Government and Politics

SECOND SESSION (11/4 – 12/13)

APST 505 Career Development and Life Planning (2-credit)

COMM 562 Gender and Communication (2-credit)

CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking

ECO 600 International Economics

HIS 502 Great Civilizations

HLTC 637 Health Information Systems

HUMN 505 Introduction to Ethics

MGMT 566 Organizational Behavior

MGMT 620 Effecting Positive Change in Organizations

MKTG 514 Principles of Marketing

PSY 509 Human Development

PSY 602 Theories of Personality

PSY 616 Psychology of Occupational Stress

SOSC 605 Stress and the Family

Master’s-level Hybrid Intensives

These courses combine online learning with three (3) face-to-face classes at our Rochester location.

FIRST SESSION (9/23 – 11/1)

LD 822 Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential

SECOND SESSION (11/4 – 12/13)

LD 823 Emergence of a Strategic Leader

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