Develop a Creative Practice for Problem-Solving and Stress Relief

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May 15, 2020

Free Video & Sneak Peek for a Fall Professional Development Offering!

Anyoneespecially YOUcan develop creative skills to enhance problem-solving. We’re pleased to share a free, on-demand resource that provides quick tips to help you develop a creative practice.

This video and resource sheet will highlight the skills and topics that we’ll cover during an upcoming online professional development session.


Title: Bust the Creativity Myth: Enhance Problem-Solving through Creative Practice
Format: Online with personal feedback and connection with the instructor
Dates: October 12 – November 6, 2020


$99 per person


One of the most in-demand skills companies look for is creativity and anyone – especially YOU – can develop creative skills! Why do companies seek this skill and why is it also important in our personal lives? Research shows that creativity sparks innovative problem-solving, increases confidence, and relieves stress. And yet, it takes intention to boost creativity and develop a reflective practice. An introduction to research in the field and key concepts about creativity will be shared. In addition, easy activities that anyone can do will help you develop a creativity habit and explore how to apply newfound skills in your personal and / or work life.


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