Student Emergency Funding Now Available

Financial assistance is available at Granite State College.

April 16, 2020

Granite State College Student Affairs, Financial Aid, and Alumni offices are partnering to distribute emergency funds to students through a newly established COVID-19 Response Task Force. The $100,000 emergency fund has been established to help impacted students address financial challenges associated with the public health crisis. All enrolled students are invited to apply for funding to alleviate temporary financial challenges including unexpected medical expenses, tuition payments, food and housing insecurity, and more.

“Faculty, staff and administrators are united: our students are always our top priority. We will move quickly to provide a range of resources to students facing challenges and struggling to make ends meet,” said Tiffany Doherty, Director of Student Affairs.

Students in need of financial assistance should complete the application, and the Office of Student Affairs will contact individuals to coordinate the assistance through the Office of Financial Aid. Grant awards range from $200 – $1,500.

Funding was designated by the College based on results of a well-being survey which revealed that students are especially concerned about a multitude of emergent issues and related financial challenges. Funds are limited but are currently being raised. Alumni and friends of the college able to support students during this most difficult time, can make a gift through the Alumni & Friends Scholarship Fund.

For questions about emergency funding, please email Tiffany Doherty or call 603-513-1328.

For additional updates and resources, please view our main COVID-19 Information Page.
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