What it’s Like When Mom is Completing a College Degree


At the 2014 graduation ceremony, Anne Dubois triumphantly crossed the stage, grabbed her diploma, hugged the Granite State College administrator who handed it to her, and matched the cheers that her family and friends were delivering from the audience.Upon descending the stairs, her daughter Angela was waiting to show her mom some more love.

What makes these #granitegrad moments so powerful are the stories leading up to that special day.

When Anne first approached Granite State College to talk about completing a college degree, she battled with some degree of fear and hesitation.

I had been away from school for a long time. I wondered if I was going to be able to be successful. It had been a couple of decades since I was in the classroom. It’s scary.

As a student, Anne took on a work-study role at the Concord campus and supported both financial aid and human resources. She landed a full-time, permanent position and is working in the field that she studied at Granite State.

Anne hugging her daughterAngela was in her late teens when her mom started her Granite State journey and saw her mother’s hard work, determination, and late night study sessions. We asked Angela about this experience.

It was inspiring. It pushed me to want to graduate even more. She showed me that if I continue to get good grades and apply myself, I will eventually get there. It made me feel like anything is achievable, whether it was at my mother’s age or at my age. I got to watch her go through this super long process of getting her bachelor’s while working, and now it’s something that I’m going through myself. It was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to be up there.

Anne’s graduation not only made an impression on her daughter. It had an impact on her 4-year-old grandson, as well.

When she did homework I couldn’t do sleep overs. It was so super boring when she studied.

The unique perspecitve and endless support that exudes from the daughters, sons, parents, spouses, grandchildren, and friends in the audience at our Commencement is overwhelming… and really, really cool.

We look forward to celebrating with next year’s graduates and seeing more incredible #granitegrad moments!

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