From Community College to Granite State: A transfer student’s journey…


Transfer student at Granite State College.

When we announced our partnership with Nashua Community College (NCC), the news quickly caught the attention of Bruno.

After graduating from NCC with my associate degree, a staff member approached me and asked if I would be interested in going to Granite State College. I knew that this was the opportunity for me. Everything just came together.

Good timing is only a small part of this transfer student’s story. From the earliest stages, Bruno had a vision for what it was going to take to not only graduate from NCC, but to move onto a bachelor’s degree and ultimately pursue law school. He focused on his coursework and achieved good grades. He also took on various internships, leadership roles, jobs, and volunteer work that would complement his studies and help him grow as a professional.

I had an internship at DCYF as an interpreter, volunteered for charities, served as the online learning assistant, taught a Portuguese language class, and I most recently helped out at a middle school with English language learners. Because I want to become an immigration lawyer, I also work in a law office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

As a busy young professional, Bruno counts on his family and his mentors when he needs support. Bruno has encountered faculty members and staff that have helped him transition from NCC to Granite State, and who provided guidance that have helped him refine his goals. Bruno also credits his mother:

My mom, even though she lives in Brazil, helps me a lot and encourages me to do my best.

Education has a major role in Bruno’s journey, but it is also his ability to connect what he’s learning to all the other aspects of his life that has helped him progress towards his goals at such a rapid pace. Both academically and in his community, those around Bruno think of him as a leader and when asked for advice that he’d give to a community college student who wants to follow a similar pathway, Bruno shared:

It’s the best thing you can do. Earning a bachelor’s degree is something that nobody can take away from you. And at Granite State, you can tell they care and they’ll help put you on the right path.

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