Six Reasons to Return for Your Graduate Degree


Like any big purchase or time commitment, when you consider graduate school you are balancing the wants and needs. There needs to be balance among the two in order to move forward with your investment. Let’s explore these two areas and extract six reasons why earning your master’s degree is worth it!

The Want

1. Learn More About Your Interests

Everyone wants to devote more time towards their interests and returning for your master’s degree is the perfect opportunity to do that. Many people have used their capstone projects as a way to explore their interests and apply graduate level learning to positively affect their communities. Others use the program to improve their workplace and gain a deeper understanding of how to better perform in their roles.

2. Meet People and Network

You’ll have the perfect opportunity to expand your personal and professional connections. Along with working with faculty who are experts in their field, you will gain access to a diverse group of peers that you can learn from. Each class will bring a new group of professionals that you can learn from and add to your network.

3. Accomplishment

You want a win. Your work may go unnoticed in your current position or you may have been passed up for a promotion. Graduate school is a great place to be noticed for your strengths. Our instructors are carefully selected for their knowledge in the courses they teach, as well as the support and dedication they offer to our students to grow and feel successful.

The Need

4. “Bachelor’s Required: Master’s Preferred”

If you’ve been job searching, we’re sure that you’ve seen this many times before. A master’s degree can distinguish you among candidates with similar experience and background. The competition is there.

5. It Pays Off

We all know that the benefit of a bachelor’s degree is realthose with only a high school education really struggle to secure well paying jobs. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you have a solid foundation. If you’re in a position where you want to earn more, gain more responsibilities, or demonstrate a higher level of professionalism, the master’s is the right move. Data backs this up: the earning potential for those with an advanced degree has grown even more than that of a bachelor’s. On average a master’s degree can add $11,000 to 17,000 a year in income over a bachelor’s degree, according to 2013 Census Bureau data.

6. It Pays Off…If You Buy Smart

When doing your research, you’ll find articles that recommend further education and others that warn of crippling debt load that you’ll surely incur. It’s about balance. If you need to borrow funds to get a master’s, seek out an affordable and high quality program.

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