Remote Job Interviews: Success Tips from the Pros!


Remote Interview tips from Granite State College

Job seekers and employers alike are adjusting to remote job interviews. While this is quickly becoming the new normal, the entire process can seem impersonal and well, just a touch awkward. If you’re doing your due diligence to prepare for a virtual job interview, but are still feeling unsure of yourself, you’re not alone. An internet search will quickly give you hundreds of articles to sift through, but how do you cut through the clutter to ensure that you’re adopting best practices?

To help reduce the uneasiness surrounding remote interviews, we connected with a group of recruiters, career strategists, and executive coaches in a variety of fields and asked them for their best success tips! Below are some of the highlights, as well as a video that includes their full recommendations and insight.

6 Success Tips for Remote Job Interviews

Distinguish Yourself

Career pro Jason Smith offers tips to Granite State College students. There are three ways you can help differentiate yourself as a job applicant: education, past experience, and technology skills. Arrive at each interview with an understanding of the job so you can articulate how you can differentiate yourself in a strategic way.

— Jason Smith
Practice Director | KNF&T Staffing Resources

Prepare Yourself and Your Space

Career pro Greg Martakos offers tips to Granite State College students. Dress the part. Pretend you’re doing an on-site interview at the company. Turn off your phone, be present, annunciate, and look directly into the camera. Assess your surroundings. Make sure that any kids in your household have quiet activities, turn off the TV, and tend to your pets beforehand to help limit interruptions.

— Greg Martakos
Senior Recruiting Manager | KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting

Be Concise and Focused

Career pro Nick Congdon offers tips to Granite State College students. Often times, when candidates are passionate about sharing their experience, they get sidetracked with their answers and ramble on longer than intended. Focus on short and concise examples that relate directly to the question.

— Nick Congdon
Senior Recruiting Manager | KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting


Show Your Value

Career pro Nicole Jones offers tips to Granite State College students. Express to the interview the value that you bring to the workplace. Let them know what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to share your super power—own it!

— Nicole Jones
Executive Coach, Founder, CEO | Nicole Jones Coaching


Bring the Energy

Career pro Sal Mazzarella offers tips to Granite State College students. Staring at a computer for a remote interview can feel awkward and weird. Remember that this is a reality on both sides of the screen. When responding to questions, try to bring a bit more enthusiasm to help ensure that your interest in the position is evident to the recruiter.

— Sal Mazzarella
Senior Recruiting Manager | Sales Search Partners


Be Part of the 5%

Career pro Crystal Hicks offers tips to Granite State College students. As a job seeker, you’ll always be up against a competitive pool of candidates.
Stand out from other candidates by following up in a meaningful way after you apply. Less than 5% of applicants take this important step—be part of the 5%.

Krystal Hicks
Career Strategist, Founder | JOBTALK


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