Reaching her fullest potential: Susan earns her teacher certification


Teacher candidate at Granite State College.
Susan reached a point where she looked around at her life and realized something had to change. She began to examine her life with a more critical lens.
How satisfied am I? What am I doing to contribute to my growth as a person, my community, and my family?

This self-reflection was fueled by Susan’s career aspirations. A marketing professional turned stay at home mom, once her kids were grown and comfortable, Susan was eager to find a new sense of purpose.

I didn’t want to go back into work for a paycheck. I wanted to go back to work to make a difference.

She was attracted most to teaching. She knew she needed to go back to college to reach this goal. Susan acknowledged that making this leap, no matter how carefully planned, would have an impact on her family. She needed compromise and support from her family.

It was a shift and we had to all be on the same team. I had to accept that it was OK if to cut back in certain areas. It’s not about what mom isn’t able to do now that she’s a student. It’s about creating a legacy so my children can see my example.

With her support system strong and secure, Susan began to study at a private college in New Hampshire but for Susan, the program didn’t quite fit. Susan sought a school that was fluid and one that would embrace her as an individual.

Then Susan found the teacher certification programs at Granite State College. Not only did it provide her with the education she needed to make a career transition, but Susan valued that at Granite State, the teacher certification programs would enable her to holistically improve herself, her classmates, community, and family.

Susan is passionate about her new opportunities and passionate about sharing her story with others who are trying to find their way.

Any dream you have is worth fighting for. You can’t let anything get in the way of pursuing your potential and for me, I found that education is the key.

The legacy that Susan wanted to build to inspire her family took effect sooner rather than later: Susan’s husband Nathan is now pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Granite State!

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