Meet Elizabeth: Earning an Online Master’s Degree in Leadership


Master's degree student at Granite State College.

Enhancing your leadership qualities can permeate all the other aspects of your life. Elizabeth from Milford, NH, is the perfect example.

Along her journey, Elizabeth developed effective leadership practices that not only advanced her own goals, she applied what she learned to build and support leadership within her community. In the end, this gave her a rich experience that offered academic, personal, and professional fulfillment.

Academic Fulfillment

Elizabeth was interested in a graduate program long before she found the Master of Science in Leadership at Granite State College. She had even tried a master’s program at another institution, but it didn’t match up well with her lifestyle as a working professional. Finding Granite State’s Leadership program was a game changer.

I wanted to make sure that a master’s program wasn’t going to negatively affect my family life. I’m someone who wants to do it all and Granite State has given this to me. I’m able to be successful in my full-time job. I’m able to have a personal life, quality time with my family, and I’m able to be a successful student. The online format allows me to log in when I want and wherever I am, so I’m still able to go on vacation – I just take my computer with me.

Personal Fulfillment

Outside of work and school, Elizabeth is passionate about the local food economy. She is a regular at her local farmer’s market and she was concerned when she noticed that it wasn’t as vibrant as year’s past.

I wanted to provide support, so I asked how I could help. I found out that they were in a period of transitional leadership. The founders of the farmer’s market had been running things for the past 36 years. They also run a full-time farm and were finding that the operations of both, along with everything else in their personal life, were getting to be too much. They were identifying a new manager but in the interim, they needed support.

Using concepts that she was exploring in the Master of Science in Leadership, Elizabeth worked with the founders to solidify a marketing plan, introduce social media, and get things back on track.

My goal was to help bridge that gap during the transition in leadership.Now the farmer’s market is moving forward and thriving with their new management.
Professional Fulfillment

Elizabeth began her career in Human Resources through a temporary position. She learned quickly, grew as a professional, and proved to be an asset in the workplace. Her supervisors saw her potential, and Elizabeth earned a role as a full-time, permanent employee. There is a lot of synergy between Elizabeth’s professional career in Human Resources and the M.S. in Leadership.

The Leadership curriculum linked to my work in human resources so seamlessly. Everything just fed into each other. Through my professional experience, I had a lot to offer to the discussion and could share real-life, career-relevant examples that were relevant to the topics in our classes.

Because Leadership spoke to so many areas of her life, Elizabeth thrived as a student in the Master of Science in Leadership program. In June 2014, she participated in Commencement. Elizabeth will continue to foster leadership in everything she does and looks forward to living her life with this purpose.

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