Granite Grad Uses Master’s of Science in Leadership Degree to Inspire


Siddartha’s inspiration comes from helping others. For more than ten years, he worked for the New Hampshire National Guard:

My whole career in the military has been about serving people in one way or another.

When thinking about his personal and professional goals, he knew that a master’s degree was a necessity.

When choosing a graduate program, I originally considered social work, but I couldn’t pay for it using my military benefits. The programs I was finding just seemed too “heavy” with courses that weren’t relevant to what I wanted to learn. I wanted a program that was more rooted in the areas where I have the most interest, without the “filler” courses. I came back to Granite State, where I earned my bachelor’s degree, and the master’s of science in leadership program sounded good.

That first class is what made a difference for me.That’s when I realized that Leadership wasn’t just about making profit for a company. It is about the people.

As a student, Siddartha found great mentors within the graduate faculty.

All of the professors that I had were willing to be a mentor. That’s important to me. In my career, I strive to be a good mentor for others.

Siddartha shared a specific transformative moment in the classroom when an instructor inspired him:

In one course, I remember that we were trying to identify what really motivates us as leaders. Part of the process was realizing that many of us weren’t doing what we really want to do, including myself. It changed my life in a personal way. That was incredible. This was about more than a degree. It showed me that it is possible to realize and accomplish the way of life I want for myself and my family.”

Siddartha hopes to one day found an institution for personal growth where individuals can grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. This is a dream that he shares with his wife Grisel, also an alum, who studied Project Management. Read Grisel’s story to learn more about her journey.

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