Is a Master’s Degree Worth It?


2016 graduate from Granite State College.

For the past few years, there have been countless headlines about student loan debt, especially in New Hampshire where the state has topped lists ranking the highest levels of student debt in the country. It’s an important issue that potential students need to consider and an important issue that College’s need to respond.

If undergraduate loan debt is a factor, how can you consider a master’s degree? Should you even try?

Any potential graduate student needs to deeply examine if a master’s can benefit their career goals—it can be an incredibly advantage for some, while others may want to pursue other means to get ahead.

Where should you start? We’ve put together a few suggestions in our latest guide:  Is a master’s degree worth it?

In this download, you can learn about various ways to help measure the impact and value of a master’s degree for you. It also comes with a checklist to further help you determine if the investment in a graduate degree is a good fit for you.

Is a master's degree worth it? Download your guide!