Helping servicemembers transition from military to college


Did you know that more than 13% of our student body is made up of servicemembers and veterans? This inspired us to reflect on the importance of serving this population of students!

What makes Granite State such a great fit for servicemembers and veterans who transition from military to college?

Military Advanced Education & Transition Top Colleges & Universities 2018Overall, a “great fit” is found through a combination of understanding military culture, financial aid, flexibility, general support, on-campus support, and online support services, according to the experts at Military Advanced Education & Transition, the journal of higher education for servicemembers and veterans.

Within these guidelines, we offer three distinct advantages that servicemembers appreciate: credit for military training, online degree programs that are approved for military and veterans benefits, and affordable tuition.

Describe Granite State’s Military Culture?

Part of offering a rich military culture is participating in partnerships that help make servicemembers college search more straightforward, awarding credit for military training and experience, and having support resources in place.

To help foster this culture, we participate the in Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership (DoDMOU). This helps formalize the commitment we make to our military and veteran students and provides quality educational services as outlined in the MOU and the President’s Principles of Excellence program.

Another component of having a good military culture is understanding the realities that servicemembers face, that tradition students may not encounter. For example, many servicemembers deploy frequently, which can make it difficult to complete a degree. Our flexible Military Deployment policy allows military students with deployment orders to either withdraw from class with no penalties or to work with their instructor to complete the class within 90 days of return from the deployment.

Having staff dedicated to servicemembers is another important way GSC supports a strong military culture. Many of our staff and faculty have served or have family members who have and continue to serve. We have staff members dedicated to the needs of our servicemembers who assist our faculty and staff on best practices for supporting military/veteran students.

What other advantages does Granite State offer to servicemembers?

We are proud to support the National Guard Waiver. We also participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which makes GSC more affordable for out-of-state servicemembers our in-state tuition.


We are proud to offer high quality at a great value. Military Advanced Education & Transition has once again awarded Granite State College the designation of a Top School in its 2016 Guide to Colleges and Universities, which measures the best practices in military and veteran education!

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