Celebrating International Nurses Day and our RN to BSN degree program!


If you think about the balancing act that a nurse has in their everyday life and compare it to the balancing act that a working adult student manages, you’ll see a lot of cross-over.

This made introducing an RN to BSN degree program at GSC a natural fit. We specialize in flexibility and that’s a must for a busy nurse’s schedule.

We awarded our very first awarded Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees at the 2014 Commencement and we will see even more graduate this year. The program continues to grow, so we’re excited to jump in on the National Nurses Day celebrations!

What better way to reflect than to share our students’ journeys!

Amy LaForest of Hopkington, NH, was one of the first nurses in the program:

Years ago, I left a BSN program after I had secured a job at a hospital. Today, most hospitals prefer a bachelor’s degree for their nursing staff so I wanted to finish what I started.

The RN to BSN program started with the insights, feedback, and ideas of an advisory board made up of nursing and patient care experts.

They are the people who understand exactly what their industry needs. They serve as supervisors and hiring managers who mentor their organization’s next qualified nursing professional.

Serving on this board is Marjorie Wiggins, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at Maine Medical Center.

 I am very impressed with the caliber of the RN to BSN curriculum. It captures the contemporary areas of focus our nursing professionals need in today’s health care environment.

The program has both online and in-class courses, making it easier for full-time RNs to fit it into their busy schedules.

Loretta Holmes, an RN at a long-term care facility in Portsmouth was one of the very first nursing graduates.

I love this program because I can do it while I’m working. It gives me the flexibility. The fact there are four semesters in a year helps, too. You can get through the program quicker, which is great. I love it and I really enjoy it.

Laurel Corson of Contoocook adds:

An important part of being a nurse is being able to practice autonomy. The online courses have allowed me to be autonomous in my home life, work life, and in school while having the support of the faculty.

To the nurses in our community – we appreciate you!

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